Doug Beattie welcomes any disillusioned members of the DUP who want to come over to the UUP…

With the DUP taking a lurch to the religious right, some of the more moderate DUP politicians are wondering is it time to jump ship. Doug Beattie is happy to welcome them one and all, with one proviso. Doug said: ‘ any new members would have to endorse the UUP’s vision and values.’ This could be a bit of a sticking point because even UUP politicians would have trouble explaining their parties vision and values.

Remember that Arlene Foster and Jeffrey Donaldson were once UUP politicians so it is not that unusual to switch teams.

Or maybe some canny current DUP politicians think a better long term move would be to move to the Alliance Party?

Can anyone comment on the quality of sandwiches and traybakes at UUP meetings vs DUP meetings? It’s the little things that matter.

Doug Beattie MC MLA, UUP” by niassembly is licensed under CC BY-ND