This Valentine’s Day, which politician do you secretly admire?

A bit of fun for Valentine’s Day. For me I can’t help but be fascinated by Jacob Rees-Mogg, politically I would agree with practically none of his political views but in these days of bland middle of the road politicians, it is good to have someone who holds their ground no matter no matter how unfashionable their opinions. This Guardian profile of the “member for the eighteenth century” is a fascinating read, some extracts:

In 1981, at the age of 12, he turned up at the annual meeting of industrial giant GEC, where his father was on the board. The youngster made a speech complaining about the amount being paid out in dividends, and was the only one present to oppose. “I’m always the only person voting against these things,”

In Westminster, he constantly wears resolutely unfashionable dark double-breasted suits. In his constituency of North East Somerset, he switches to a tweed jacket, never wearing anything more casual. A story that his nanny drove him around so he could go canvassing when he first stood for parliament in Fife in 1997 became legendary.

As a leading Brexiter he is never out of the media these days, even gracing the front cover of Private Eye:

So are you a shinner who secretly admires Sammy Wilson for riding fast motorbikes and enjoying naturism? Are you Unionist who can’t help but admire Gerry Kelly’s way with a bolt cutter? Are you a Democrat secretly in awe of Donald Trump stunning self-belief? Let us know in the comments.

Can I stress this is not about attractiveness, we don’t want it getting creepy.

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