Fine Gael benefit from their #Brexit hardball game…

Here’s what the aggressive stance on the EU negotiations in general, and the DUP in particular has been all about. And it looks like its been working. This polling for the Irish Times was conducted last Monday.

For once, it’s a statistically significant change, with FF definitely getting the worst of it…

The poll, which was taken this week while the row over the breakdown of Brexit negotiations was raging, shows that Fine Gael has gained five points since the last poll in October, while Fianna Fáil support has dropped by four points.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar enjoys an 11-point lead over Micheál Martin’s party, the largest poll lead in The Irish Times series since 2015.

Support for Sinn Féin, at 19 per cent, and for Labour, at 4 per cent, is unchanged. Independents, others and small parties see aggregate support decline marginally to 16 per cent.

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