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Brexit: Northern Ireland in a changing world

With the UK withdrawal from the EU drawing closer, there has never been a bigger appetite for information on how negotiations are progressing and what the implications are for every aspect of life here in Northern Ireland and across the rest of the UK.

It’s more than six months since Article 50 was triggered, but the government is still being accused of not having a plan, of internal division and of not being prepared in the negotiations process. The outcome of the European Council meeting on the 19-20 October has set the tone for the next stage of negotiations, but what exactly does this mean for life here in Northern Ireland in terms of everything from our borders to our environment?

Slugger O’Toole and QPol Policy Engagement at Queen’s University invite you to the latest in QPol’s series of ‘Brexit Clinics’ to discuss the issues and challenges facing Northern Ireland and the UK, and to provide informed insights into the Brexit process.

Whatever your particular interest is in Brexit and the EU, why not come along for a pint and a consultation with a difference on Monday 6 November at 7.30pm in The Dark Horse. The panel members will include:

This event is in association with Queens and is part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science.

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