“It will be interesting to see what the delivery mechanism for that money will be.”

In his analysis of where the £1.5 billion, over a number years, from the Conservative/DUP arrangement will be spent, the BBC’s John Campbell makes a couple of interesting points about some of the new money, and all of the old money.

There is also £100m to be spent on deprived communities over five years.

It will be interesting to see what the delivery mechanism for that money will be.

Stormont’s Social Investment Fund, which was also designed to help those communities, has been mired in controversy.

Another part of this deal is to give flexibility to a previously agreed £500m fund for investment in shared education and housing projects.

Stormont has struggled to spend this money, in its first year just £3m of a £50m allocation was spent.

So its is possible that the new flexibility will allow all that money to go into general infrastructure spending.


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  • BeanRua

    It will be very interesting to see where the money will be spent. Belfast and Antrim and not much elsewhere would be my guess. There needs to be close scrutiny of every penny spent because I very much doubt it will benefit the border regions, sadly. The whole deal stinks

  • jporter

    One third of the £1.5bn deal is apparently the Executive getting back money that it didn’t spend in the first place.
    Sort of tells you all you need to know about how well the money will be spent.

  • DaptoDogs
  • paul

    maybe the best thing to do is give every taxpaying household an equal share to do what they want. that way everyone can be sure to benefit from this so called extra money.

  • Karl

    45,000 nurses or
    40,000 fire fighters or
    50,000 policemen or
    3,000,000 days of respite care or
    25,000 doctors or
    11 hospitals or
    28 schools or

    10 MPs