New DUP MP Pengelly faces choice: Stand up for shared housing residents or side with loyalists targeting ‘The Other’

Loyalists have erected flags in a shared housing development in South Belfast in a move which immediately challenges the new DUP MP for the area, Emma Little Pengelly, to condemn those responsible and call on the PSNI to remove the flags- an intriguing proposition, given that the organisation whose name appears on some of the flags, the UVF, was one of the paramilitary organisations publicly endorsing the DUP candidate days before the Westminster election earlier this month.

The area concerned, Global Crescent and Cantrell Close, is a part of the ‘Together Building United Communities‘ strategy rolled out by Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness when they served as First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

In that document, the then Executive parties endorsed a vision of a shared society including the following statement:

“This Strategy is not about managing division or allowing our history of segregation
to continue. We are committed to creating a new, united, reconciled and shared

Emma Little Pengelly served as a Special Adviser (SPAD) to Peter Robinson during the term from 2011-15 when the TBUC strategy was rolled out, so she should be quite familiar with it.

One resident of the shared housing scheme area, speaking with Belfast Live, had this to say:

“A lot (of residents) are quietly disappointed and Radius acknowledged by letter that the flags go against the ethos of the area,” said the resident.

“In Global Crescent no house or apartment flew a flag in approximately 80 properties – now we have two on every lamp-post.

“This is the UVF reminding people who runs the area.”

“The flags are up a week now, they went up in broad daylight – there is obviously no fear on behalf of the paramilitaries when it is done for all to see,” they added.

In relation to the nature of the housing development, the resident added: “This was built and launched as a shared neighbourhood – to be decked out with flags is highly inappropriate given the amount of effort to engage community relations.

“It should be flag free.”

Once again unionist politicians find themselves challenged to condemn the actions of loyalists involved in staking claim to territory through the use of flags. It’s wrong, motivated exclusively by a sectarian desire to intimidate ‘The Other’ and should be rigorously opposed by all elected representatives.

Here’s the first public comment from the area’s new MP, Emma Little Pengelly:


No recognition there of the explicitly sectarian desire to intimidate residents of the shared housing scheme. Nor is there any clear statement from the DUP MP that all of the flags erected should be taken down by either those who erected them or the PSNI.

Loyalists delivered for the DUP electorally this month through their united declaration under the Loyalist Communities Council (LCC) banner  in favour of specified unionist election candidates, including Pengelly in South Belfast.

It will be interesting to see if payback includes continuing to turn a blind eye to blatant acts of sectarian intimidation.

  • grumpy oul man

    Yes i can.
    It is a sporting organistion and a irish cultural organistion.
    A few clubs are named after local IRA but not a majority.
    How you can compare club flags to those of a bunch of killers is beyond me.
    I am interested do you reserve tbe same comdination for the OO which has a lodge named after a killer or bands with links to active terrorists.

  • grumpy oul man

    So in one text you tell us not to anny the UVF as they are on ceasefire and ignore there illagal flags and now you say all crimanality should be dealt with by the PSNI.
    Which is it.

  • Georfe Jungle

    “A few clubs are named after local IRA but not a majority.”

    Thomas McElwee cup the kids played for …….how nice

    McElwee burnt a young protestant girl (Yvonne Dunlop, 26) to death in her flower shop.

    The GAA are dancing on victims graves, name me another sporting organisation like that ?

  • grumpy oul man

    And as you slip futher into whataboutry and shout themmuns i smile.
    You still try to change the subject and try to compare the GAA to a active terror group.
    So to sum up .
    KAI not important
    KAT not important
    DUP has no obligation to tackle terrorist bullies ( partners) unless others do the same .
    The GAA is as bad as the UVF.
    No comment on OO links to terrorisn .
    No comment on loyalist bands links to terrorism.
    But a awful lot of whataboutry.
    Thats about it .

  • grumpy oul man

    Very good you havent seem UVF flags so cant comment but you have seem football flags and can comment on them.
    I would need to own Carrick salt mine to accept that a pinch of salt wouldnt cover it.

  • Georfe Jungle

    You better go before nurse catches you on her computer !

  • grumpy oul man

    The deal talks iat westminister are failing.
    I cant help wondering if the DUPs tacit support of terrorisn might have something to do with this.

  • grumpy oul man

    Iaw the personal attacks very good.
    Could i suggest SPECSAVERS they could sort you out so you can see the UVF flags in front of you and get rid of the orange tinted selective vision.
    Since you resorted to abuse i will score this one up as a win.
    “Havent seen the UVF flags so i can’t comment” ROFLMAO.

  • whatif1984true

    They must have a lot of pocket money! Have you no shame?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    People are inclined to forget that the DUP directly grew out of Paisley’s endorsements of what was frequently violent action against Civil Rights groups in the 1960/70s. The historical links from the 1970s between members of the DUP and the various groups “on that side” are all out there in print, and yet the DUP still shamelessly try and present themselves as simply a normal political party with no meaningful links to terrorism whatsoever, other than their attempts to be inclusivist and encourage re-habilitated terrorists to engage in constitutional politics. This illusion is of course managed by blinds and ambiguities which may be employed by the uneasy voter to avoid facing up to the inevitable consequences of such a history.

    I’m particularly interested that Emma Little Pengelly’s clear pointer, in double-barreling her name, to her father’s history in the rocket parts for guns business can be so blindsided by all who simply do not want to see how such pointers attract votes from those who hanker after an easy violence to cut across the Gordian knot of our convoluted politics and maintain the withering “Thousand Year Union” by force. One of those things anyone in advertising or marketing soon learns (and the same rules apply to PR) is to exhaust the possible indications of each and every possibility in a speech, a poster, or a soundbite for inherent meanings in order to remove any weaknesses and flaws. Coming from this background I simply cannot even begin to imagine that a “modernist” educated DUP politician like Pengelly, trained in the sort of legal analysis which should alert her to the way “mentioning” her father’s name every time she uses her own name attracts people to his history, if only unconsciously.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Georfe, you cannot see the similarities because they are so much a part of our general scene, so much a part of Unionist mythos, that they have become invisible to most people. The entire Unionist project valorises the creation of a private army to resist by force an act of a legitimate majority coalition parliament, and accordingly Unionism itself is founded on a planned terrorism which had the luck not to be tested. Even members of the UUC admitted, the moment the UVF fired on a British soldier enforcing Westminster’s Act, their fragile support across the water would evaporate.

    So there is a pretence that the UVF was somehow more “legitimate” than the IRA, that Unionism was somehow acceptable force, and that the constant valorisation of the UVF and the Covenant were not an incipient terrorism which established the pattern we have seen played out for a century in our politics. The entire Unionist project over this period has been an endorsement of theorems against constitutionalism, and its success an endorsement of such methods.

  • grumpy oul man

    Now that would be interesting,
    Lot of those lads are ex russian army.

  • grumpy oul man

    So gain i say your solution to the problem is to make it worse.
    Im in a mixed marriage in a mixed estate in a mixed village .
    Guess what the only flags are union flags put up just before the 12th and taken down just after(about a week each way)
    And everybody seems to get on just fine .
    So instead of increasing the ghettos would t not be better to ry to reduce them.

  • grumpy oul man

    Yep in the middle of the falls a nationlist area under threat from paisley and his mobs if the police didn’t remove them.
    Which is exactally the same as UVF flags in a mixed rea with the threat of loyalist violence if anybody removes them.
    The only similarity is the threat of unionist violence.
    Sorry you brought it up now.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Aye, I’m looking forward to the world cup.

  • Hugh Davison

    Like Georfe Jungle, you mean?