“The LCC particularly warns all unionists and loyalists against voting for Alliance”

Barely a week since the UDA was responsible for killing a man in North Down, the umbrella loyalist organisation, the Loyalist Communities Council (LCC), has issued a statement warning unionists and loyalists against voting for the Alliance Party.

Helpfully, the loyalists have offered “guidance” to unionists regarding voting intentions in marginal constituencies.

Arlene Foster came in for stinging criticism after meeting UDA leader, Jackie McDonald, days after the Bangor killing of Colin Horner. She confirmed that she did not raise the issue of that killing with McDonald at their meeting.

The News Letter carried this reply from the Alliance Party:

Responding to the latest statement, the Alliance spokesman said it “highlights clearly which parties are really willing to take on and challenge paramilitaries, and which are happier to chase and foster their support,” and added: “It is now incumbent on those named and their parties to make clear whether they welcome this endorsement from paramilitary groups, including those still actively engaged in terrorism and criminality, or whether they reject it and repudiate the organisations behind it.”

Sam McBride (of the News Letter) tellingly noted that, when pressed on this during the UTV Debate, Nigel Dodds refused to reject the paramilitary endorsement from the loyalist grouping.