Can you all just calm yourselves down a bit about the DUP?

Dear Virtue Signallers and assembled worthies from the Liberal Metropolitan Elite.

Can you just calm yourselves down a bit about the DUP? I get you don’t like them, and God knows some of them can be hard to like. But Arlene and co having some leverage on Theresa May is not THE WORST THING EVER.

It may even land us some much-needed infrastructure investment. But perhaps shiny new hospitals, roads and schools aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather do without the money?

Maybe you’d rather tweet your leftier-than-though opposition to cutbacks instead. We all fight the revolutionary struggle in our own way, comrades. But when condemning the DUP and all its works, why not go for facts rather than caricature?

Note the words of veteran journalist Fergal Keane on Twitter, chiding “lazy” stereotyping of  “a complicated party struggling to define itself in the aftermath of Paisley and Robinson”.

You could acknowledge it has moved well beyond the days when it was the political wing of Ian Paisley’s firebrand Free Presbyterian sect. Yes, they oppose same sex marriage (as do all the main churches here, last time I looked).

And some of its politicians have said some batshit and offensive things about homosexuality over the years. But such outbursts are far from encouraged in its ranks these days.

The DUP last year backed the local version of the Turing Law, effectively repudiating the “Save Ulster from Sodomy” days. It’s true that the innate social conservatism within the DUP is a problem when it comes to attracting younger voters in the years ahead.

I’d bet its bigger brains know that very well.

It’s one thing to say the party has a long way still to go on its journey of transformation, and might want to hurry it along a bit. It’s another to say they are women-hating, gay-bashing bog-trotters who have no place in the modern world.

That’s effectively the message from the right-on brigade on social media. It’s unfair, offensive and untrue.

For a start, the DUP is not the reason Northern Ireland is way behind the times on abortion law. None of the main Stormont parties back the extension of the 1967 Act here. None of them. It wouldn’t pass, even if the DUP didn’t show up.

Stereotyping the DUP also means you’re stereotyping the people who vote for it too. And the blunt truth is there are solid logical reasons why they back the DUP. Believe it or not, same-sex marriage is not a priority issue for them. (I know, what are they thinking?)

A vote for the DUP sends a loud and clear message against Irish unity, and pushes back at Sinn Fein.  How did you think unionist voters would respond to the Assembly election?

This logic works both ways – Sinn Fein, in turn, gets a mandate to push back at the Duppers. It’s the logic of power-sharing in our wee self-enclosed statelet. And guess what, liberal types. That’s the system you wanted.


  • CB

    I’d say they’re happy enough to have the support throughout their omnishambles of bigotry, corruption and incompetence to be able to rely on a consistent output of “but.. but… Gerry Adams!” articles. I doubt they’d put out on a first date though.

  • Croiteir

    That’s OK Jane – I will leave you to your insults and personal attacks and discuss with those who can

  • Stifler’s Mom

    Don’t understand what you mean. I’m suggesting reading other sites to get more information to form your view. The left leaning msm are simply not going to give an honest report on non left / liberal people or parties. You can read several newspapers about the dup recently. They are basically saying that dup ‘non liberal’ views are unacceptable. Many people reading the newspapers don’t realize that having ‘non liberal’ views, such as socially conservative views, is entirely acceptable in a free country.

  • grumpy oul man

    What i meant is that you are a examole of the sillyness that comes out of people who read tight wing sites.
    Science replaced by propaganda, rant instead of argument and abuse instead of facts.

    Was that simple enough for you.

  • the Moor

    Holding hands, then. I see another love letter from the editor to those who misunderstand the DUP has popped up on Slugger today.

  • DaptoDogs

    Fealty’s fealty?

  • DaptoDogs

    Scarily so

  • Stifler’s Mom

    Obviously you don’t read anything other than msm or you would know that the silly people are the ones believing their propaganda. You really can’t see it can you? You don’t get the irony of liberal media telling you only liberal views are acceptable.
    Anyway, good luck understanding the world by only listening to one point of view. ?

  • BonaparteOCoonassa

    Surely if god didn’t like the sort of things you mention She would have turned the ‘guilty(!!!)’ into pillars of salt by now? Obviously She doesn’t give a FF.

  • Stifler’s Mom

    I enjoy a witty response on any subject. If you have one, please post it. ?

  • BonaparteOCoonassa

    “Man, ball” – as Slugger would say.

  • Stifler’s Mom

    Was that the witty response? Or is it still to come? 🙂

  • grumpy oul man

    I read a lot of other stuff than MSM, and some of it i bet you don’t read.
    for example i keep up with the actual science of global warming, and i also check the facts of something before i present it as evidence i suspect you do neither of these thing but instead take the word of a unqualified and untrained “expert” on Briebart of Fox or some other source that has a axe to grind.
    it says everything that you have to resort to wild conspiracy theory’s involving this “liberal media” and insults to the intelligence of myself and the vast majority of the population who disagree with you.
    Now hears the deal, one of us presents a argument or a belief, the other either accepts it asks for proof , the first person supply that proof or there point is dismissed.
    you make a series of claims and statements, when asked for proof you make a further set of claims or statements (which is not proof) along with a bit of personal abuse.
    now while i do enjoy it when we get the conspiracy theorists and self righteous go off on one (both in the one person is really fun) its not debate.
    so when you have check able fact to back up your arguments i will debate with you but until i will apply Hitchens razor,
    “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

  • Casper

    I didn’t mean to push blame onto one side, just that republicans have been in the spotlight for decades now it’s time the English had their eyes opened about unionism in N.I. And I’m sure the DUP are getting their eyes opened too, I’ve seen quite a few English people call them Irish, imagine the nerve!
    I agree about the integrated education, but I honestly believe the history that the kids are taught is rubbish in the UK curriculum. We need more emphisis on the history of Ireland and the UK. About our differences AND our achievements as friends and allies. There are so many half-truths and blatant lies, spread simply to keep us apart.
    It’s not uncommon to hear unionists claim the Republic were nazi sympathizers, yet more men from the Republic fought and died in two world wars than men from Ulster. And downed RAF pilots were returned quietly over the border to N.I to continue flying duties when they actually should have been interred in the Republic for the duration of the war. That’s just one example, there are plenty, and I’m sure you personally know these things already.
    Integrated education gets my vote!

  • Stifler’s Mom

    If you keep up with the actual science of global warming, you will know that there hasn’t been any since 1998? You will be aware that the long term climate has been warming veru gradually since the little ice age. The last several years have seen a very slight increase in keeping with the long term trend. You will also be aware that Al Gore’s claims in his 2006 documentary have not happened. For evidence you can Google how widely this is ridiculed

    There is no conspiracy regarding liberal media. Just follow my suggestion and read conservative media and compare to msm. I have provided one link previously.

    What non msm do you read? Is it also left / liberal? Please share a link I would genuinely like to read it.

  • grumpy oul man

    Please reference your facts please..
    I will not be accepting anything claiming to be science unless backed by revelent links showing checkable data.
    You are aware that you only know about the ice ages because of work by scientists.
    You also seem unaware that these events are factored in climate science and the 1998 stat was a statical abnormalty and to take a 20 year time line from a statastical abnormality does not give a reliable result . scientist know this and have allowed for it there work.
    You might be aware of these things if you stopped going to right wing agenda based sites and looked at the real science.

  • Cushy Glen

    Not another isolated unionist hoping to curry favour with the DUP!

  • Er, I think most just want the next election called immediately. Even with the DUP support negotiating Brexit with such a weak govt is suicide for the UK not just the Tories.

    Of course if sense prevailed the Tories would call for a cross-party govt until Brexit is over with but there’s zero chance of that, it’s far too sensible for any politicians.

  • Stifler’s Mom

    Certainly. Here is an excellent presentation of climate monitoring data from the last few centauries back to the last several thousand years. Note that it is climate alarmists that take small periods of data such as a few decades to ‘prove’ warming trends. Look at the new ice age claims from scientists in the 70s during a decade of cooling. The data is the actual recorded temperature and environment make up. That means ‘the facts’, not made up data produced by manipulating the actual temperatures in a computer model by adding in ‘factors’. Its important to note that he claims the modern dat NOAA data has been manipulated.
    Also google the fact the NOAA was exposed as changing its records to make the earlier 20th century colder and the later part warmer. In 2014, the year after this presentation, they were forced to reinstate the fact that 1936 was the warmest year on record. This presentation is from 2013, the last couple of year have indeed apparently been warmest yet. But the figures show an insignificant increase almost in the margin of error. IE not massive warming such as claimed by climate alarmists. There is so much info in this presentation that you should watch it several times, I did !
    Let me know what you think?

    Presentation by Dr Don Easterbrook to Washington State Senate Committee on Climate Change — In addition to evidence contrary to IPCC, Dr. Easterbrook alleges media bias and manipulation of data by East Anglia, NASA, NOAA and NSF

    Here is a quick google on NOAA being forced to reinstate 1936 as the hottest year. Widely reported

  • grumpy oul man

    But the good doctor “evidence “was dismissed and the 1936 thing was a mistake which was corrected.
    I’m afaird you will have to do better than that.
    The conpricy bit was good. East Anglia(all of it) and NASA lying to us.
    Tell do you believe in the moon landings.

  • Stifler’s Mom

    You didn’t watch the presentation. If you ask me to post some evidence and I post a presentation of actual climate temperature measurements, then you could at least watch it !
    If you read the reports, NOAA was exposed as changing the climate data. They then had to reinstate the original correct recording of 1936 temperature being the hottest year. Not 2012 as was currently being reported. It wasn’t a mistake that was corrected, it was a fraud that was discovered.

    Why so closed minded? There is no conspiracy, NOAA was caught lying. That’s a fact.

    You claimed to be a believer in science and facts. This is evidence to a US senate. You haven’t even put up any evidence, just asked me to or you wont believe me. I’m afraid senility has got to you ! 🙂

  • Matt Johnston

    It’s hard to read past the first line when someone uses the term Virtue Signallers.

    See, that’s such a right wing term to use, it encapsulates everything that the Right stand for. They simply cannot fathom why someone would espouse these views without some sort of reward. Without gaining something. They’d talk about this stuff but only on the quid pro quo of gaining societal prestige.

    See, to a Leftist, this is “business as usual”. A Leftist would use their privilege to promote views that have no advantage to them. To undermine their own position in society (as a white male heterosexual). To help others without the promise of reward or personal gain in standing.

    The DUP is precisely the reason why we are behind on Equality and Femel Reproductive Autonomy. Your assessment that none of the parties want to push the 1967 Abortion Act is just a lie. What is it about the Right that they think they can just lie and remain unchallenged?

    And no, the DUP are not being stereotyped. They are the stereotype that other right wing, self-obsessed, fantasy-eating, socially conservative and fiscally avaricious individuals aspire to.

  • Nice, thanks