Round-the-clock DUP-bashing is not going to make them go away…

Okay. My many devoted readers will be delighted to learn I’m nearly done here. I know a lost cause when I see it. Liberal opinion will cheer on the anti-DUP lynch mob all the way. Facts won’t come into it. Every bit of fake news will get retweeted and applauded. Myths become truth. Even Channel 4’s elder statesman Jon Snow has joined in, stating on Twitter as fact that the DUP is demanding “the unbanning of sectarian marches as part … Read more

Alastair Campbell and Jonathan Powell are wrong, the DUP poses *no threat* to peace.

The DUP-Tory deal can be called many things.  But please, less of this deafening hysteria about threats to peace, threats to the process, threats to the Good Friday Agreement, the end of the world as we know it? Yes, London and Dublin have somewhat vaguely defined ‘honest broker’ roles, particularly during negotiation processes. So, the case for an independent talks chairman might be strengthened. Knock yourselves out. But: Are Sinn Fein going to permanently rule themselves out of entering an Irish … Read more

Can you all just calm yourselves down a bit about the DUP?

Dear Virtue Signallers and assembled worthies from the Liberal Metropolitan Elite. Can you just calm yourselves down a bit about the DUP? I get you don’t like them, and God knows some of them can be hard to like. But Arlene and co having some leverage on Theresa May is not THE WORST THING EVER. It may even land us some much-needed infrastructure investment. But perhaps shiny new hospitals, roads and schools aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather do without the money? Maybe you’d … Read more

Corbyn’s failure to close down the IRA story rests on some inconvenient truths..

In the purist world of the most starry-eyed Corbynistas, the saintly Jeremy has no time for spin or subterfuge. That’s what the evil Blairites did, after all. But when it comes to his past stance on the IRA, spin is exactly what the Labour leader and his fan base have been attempting. Not very well either. So let’s dispense with the myth-making. The blunt truth is that Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow Labour left travellers campaigned politically for an IRA … Read more