SDLP candidate in West Tyrone facing a sustained campaign of intimidation…

The last SDLP MLA in Strabane was Eugene McMenamin had both his car and his home attacked. Like SF’s perils in Bangor, it’s the price of running against the thuggery of the post-conflict years.

Now at least the abuse Daniel McCrossan is taking is not (yet) physical. But it seems more than virtual:

“My car’s been followed, with photos of it posted online which is a bit of a danger for me being on the policing board,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

“Activists from other campaigns have called me a scumbag and said they would ‘deal with me in the way that they see fit.’ It’s been very nasty.”

West Tyrone is a tight interface in which SF needs to squeeze the SDLP vote to eat up the gap between themselves and DUP (the only way of determining if this election is a success or not). The only way forward is to face it down.


  • Lionel Hutz

    McCrossan has been growing the party in West Tyrone. It’s going to be interesting this time because he won’t have ex sdlp independents and we will see a “true sdlp” vote for the first time in around 15 years. No doubt that makes some people nervous.

    I think a disturbing aspect of that is when younger canvassers are facing face to face intimidation and online trolling. But it don’t believe it will put people off.

    You do indeed have to face it down

  • burnboilerburn

    Disgusting behaviour, is there no way the PSNI can get their hands on these animals?

  • woodkerne

    Overwhelmingly catholic and nationalist and anti-brexit, West Tyrone, of course, will be signal in determining the wisdom or otherwise of SF’s northern electoral strategy in 2017: whether their desire to ‘constitutionalise’ the election and thus squeeze the nationalist vote will work or come unstuck. It’ll be close and the pattern of transfers interesting, especially as between SDLP and SF.

  • Ronan Timoney

    The picture of his car was posted on a ‘badly parked cars’ page because it was parked on double yellow lines, labelled as ‘Wateside, Londonderry’ – obviously posted by a unionist and therefore has nothing to do with SF.

  • Granni Trixie

    This kind of behaviour can infact bring out the best in people – within the party and in others – a red line,if you will – its just not on.

  • Sam Maguire

    Wait – didn’t he lose close to an entire branch before the 2016 election?

  • Any type of intimidation of this nature is an attack on the democratic process and I know all about this type of activity by SF supporters, as a young polling agent in the 1980’s I sat in a deeply republican area and an old lady from the SDLP sat beside me. This lady was from the area and knew who was personating voters and was happy to give me a sign when I should object because she was afraid to say anything to them as they regularly smashed her windows for supporting the SDLP. On one day we saw 12 “voters” arrested for personation and taken to court but the vitreol she and I suffered the local republicans both in the polling station and later at the count had to be seen to be believed but the RUC despite doing their best found it impossible to get convictions for the intimidation carried out by republicans against me.

  • mickfealty

    Reforms around ID appears to have dealt with that particular problem, which is only a good thing.

  • That’s true Mick but sadly SF and others have for years been allowed to make this sort of intimidation their stock and trade and have seldom been called out for it

  • burnboilerburn

    Thats a disgraceful accusation with no basis in fact.

  • How do you know it has no basis in fact?

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    He’s awful fond of the social media is Daniel McCrossan

  • I was there, I know, the police were so concerned for my safety that they advised me to leave the polling station and they wanted to evacuate me by helicopter. The next day at the count I was pushed kicked at by Sinn Fein supporters. So before you state that my post has “no basis in fact” I suggest you stop and think. At another election count a senior Sinn Fein activist punched me in the face but the police said they didn’t know who he was and refused to act. A couple of years later the same individual who I knew very well from photos went out to try to murder a UDR man and ended up on the wrong end of a machine gun operated by the SAS, needless to say I didn’t shed many tears over him but it very clearly highlights the nature of SF and many of their activists.

  • Lionel Hutz

    A lot of people wanted to run a second candidate and then left when that was refused. Two independents stood against him. And in spite of that, he increased the sdlp vote

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    What year was this?

  • burnboilerburn

    You are talking about 30 plus years ago. What happenned to you then is awful, indefensible. But, you cannot justifiably apply it to the ‘now’. If any shinner behaved like that today they would be out of the party faster than a squirrel up a tree. Moreover, that person would be rightly arrested and charged with assault.

  • burnboilerburn

    Because he doesnt provide any facts. I cant dispute what might of happenned a generation ago, but to make those accusations about SF today in unfair without at least a sliver of evidence.

  • leopards dont change their spots

  • burnboilerburn

    Ok so are u saying then that nazi germany is alive and well? Does the USA still institutionalise racial discrimination? Are men still opposed to women voting and is Britain, France, Belgium etc. Still plundering the world for colonial gain?

  • Steptoe

    Depressing. Anything is fair game for these cretins

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    We know, we read your posts

  • Acrobat_747

    Even now in certain areas of Belfast if you look at the turnout it is actually quite low, but the people who do turn out vote overwhelmingly for a particular party.

    This is because people who the party suspect of not supporting them are intimidated out of voting. The party keep checks on voters and if a person who is not regarded as supporting them turns up at the polls then they will be punished.

    This is how some parties keep a grip on their communities.

    This is a real and unreported problem, and the political oppression in some areas can be very intense.


    Is it not true when strict ID reforms were introduced the S.D.L.P went down and the Shinners vote went up..

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    In which areas of Belfast would you say that this is a problem?

  • Starviking

    The Republican Soc. at Queen’s got caught doing similar stuff in the late 90s – voting in student elections at one site, then moving on to another and voting again. They got caught when one election offical noticed their student cards had been punched for many more elections than had occured that year…

  • Jollyraj

    Well, you have his word for it, the article above, and countless other anecdotal evidences. And, of course, the fact that the hard core lunatic fringe among SF supporters still feel that murder of Protestant (and Catholic) British and Irish people, and punishment beatings and various other abuses (mostly carried out by the IRA on Irish Catholics) was justified would seem to suggest they would hardly flinch from random acts of intimidation.

    The problem with bullying and intimidation of this kind is it is often difficult to prove. Which, of course, the cowards who engage in it are very happy to hide behind.

    If you are an ordinary decent Irish nationalist and are tired of this sort of crap, my suggestion is that you vote SDLP next week – and unionists if they’ve any sense will transfer votes to them, too.

  • Jollyraj

    Bullying and intimidation have been stamped out in Sinn Fein?


  • burnboilerburn

    There is a xrazy fringe in every walk of life sadly. SF are no exception. On your wider point, the conflict is over. People have opinions on it that differ, as is the case when one looks back on any conflict. We just need to find a way to live together regardless of those views, interpretations and understanding.

  • grumpy oul man

    Im sorry but that is total nonsence.
    I would love to see what “facts” you have to back it up.

  • grumpy oul man

    Of course you have often pointed out the murders carried out by the guns brought in by the group that the DUP founded and of course he intimadation carried out by the loyalists is often referred to by you.

  • grumpy oul man

    And that car they petrol bombed. Oh sorry that was the loyalists. The one supporting the Dup
    On the subject of petrol bombs you took a loyalist attack on a shinner as a excuse o have a go at the shinners and now you take alleged intimadation, the pic of the car was on a site that exposes bad parking.and was parked on double yellow lines. Which sort of puts the other claims in perspective,
    To have a go at the shinners.
    But in your defence you never claimed to be balanced.

  • BonaparteOCoonassa

    You might have picked some better examples (apart from the first) than these . . .

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    If you’re an “ordinary decent nationalist” you should vote for Sinn Fein as they are the only party in the country organised and executing their strategy on an all-Ireland basis. Its also worth pointing out that the SDLP were in favour of introducing the British NCA here and they have done nothing at all with regards the fully functional UDA or UVF. Keep in mind also if you are indeed an “ordinary decent nationalist” that nearly half of the people polled at the last SDLP party conference said they would vote for the union ahead of a united Ireland. If that floats your boat, knock yourself out, if not, then give your preference to Sinn Fein candidates. They have elected representatives in every major Irish town and city and will work to continue to transform the face of Irish politics throughout the 21st century. The conflict is over, the war is over and those who cant get to grips with that and constantly cast up the past are trying to hinder your future. Dont let anyone, much less those who dont even have the common courtesy to afford you the rights to speak in your native tongue whenever and wherever you want, attempt to tell you who is and who isnt an “ordinary decent nationalist”. Vote for your own future next week, not a watered down version of your own aspirations that pleases others

  • Jollyraj

    “Its also worth pointing out that the SDLP were in favour of introducing the British NCA here”

    Indeed. The SDLP wanting to bring in an external agency to tackle organized crime gangs, racketeering, smuggling, drug-dealing, and political corruption – the crippling costs of all of which, by the way, are passed on to citizens of all backgrounds – and it’s to their credit.

    Sinn Fein, bafflingly, bitterly opposed to anybody investigating those things.

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    They haven’t tackled the two main organised crime gangs involved in all of the above though. They have – like all such London centric agencies – shown zero interest in doing so. They serve no purpose whatsoever here and it is not a safer place with them here. The SDLP hung their hat on them and they should be judged on that by the electorate

  • Charlie Farlie

    Wow! Just wow! This has to be the worst case of generalisation without evidence I have ever read.

  • Granni Trixie

    This is interesting. But is it an impression or have you some evidence to back it up?

  • Acrobat_747

    There is evidence and it is true. Take a close look at the box counts if they are available to you and the turn out in certain areas.

    Many people are dismissing this, but it’s also well known that it happens.

  • Jack fotheringham

    Nice to see Mick trying to give an SDLP candidate a foot up, he must be in bother if he’s looking for a sympathy vote.

    As to the comment above, can yku lroduce any evidence of these 12 people who were charged with alleged offences? Surely there must be some evidence of this, other wise it’s just bull.

  • Jack fotheringham

    Dan must be floundering if he’s chasing the sympathy vote.

  • Jack fotheringham

    ‘Two independents stood against him. And in spite of that, he increased the sdlp vote’…
    Why you always lying ?
    He got 16.7% in General election. He got 11% in last years Assembly election!

  • Jack fotheringham

    How is this factless crap allowed to remain?

  • Jack fotheringham

    ”My car’s been followed, with photos of it posted online which is a bit of a danger for me being on the policing board,”

    Is this guy for real?

    A photo of his car appeared on a FB post, parked on a footpath and a double yellow line in an area of the Waterside in Derry!

    The threat to his security might be taken a bit more serious if he wasn’t driving around with a pesonalised SDLP number plate!! Fact.
    One thinks Mr Mc Crossan is beginning to feel the pressure for a seat in W Tyrone if this is the antics he’s up to, pathetic really. Then again he could attempt worse eg using a eulogy at a funeral to appeal for votes, another fact, I was there.The man’s ego is so big it’s shameless.

  • Lionel Hutz

    I was referring to the like for like comparison with the previous assembly election. From 8.5% up to 11%.

    The Westminster election is more like the “true sdlp” vote. If he gets that, he’s home and dry.

    But clearly youre the one who is exercised. 5 messages on this thread in 20 minutes. Either that or uve had one too many on ur friday night.

  • Jollyraj

    Unleash the Shinnerdrones….

  • Jollyraj

    Hmmm…I think ‘mentally ill’ is the default. Or has the AC changed that?

  • Jollyraj

    And who pray tell are the two major crime gangs you speak of?

  • Lionel Hutz

    More than likely it will be two that sinn fein give slush money to from the SIF. 🙂

    The SDLP out stepped SF on the NCA issue. When SF were sleeping and quietly letting the NCA come into NI the SDLP spoke up. Sinn fein as they often do, then spoke out too.

    The SDLP then negotiated to ensure the NCA came under the police ombudsman and the PSNI code of practice. They got their guarantees and worked with it.

    Sinn Fein either fall asleep and let things pass or shout out and then let thing slide.

    They just can’t negotiate

  • Jack fotheringham

    Not disputed what I’ve posted I see.

  • Jack fotheringham

    He needs every one of those Independent SDLP votes from previous election. If the 3 SF and the 1 UUP are ahead of McCrossan and I wouldn”t rule it out, he is in bother as TUV, when excluded, will bump the UUP way ahead of him.

    P.s I drink tea not alcohol.

  • Pat

    Unreal. A pie in the sky intimidation accusation followed by an inference that SF were involved. This is getting worse than the red tops

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    The UDA and UVF

  • mickfealty

    Did Darrell actually say that? It’s maybe an idea worth looking at detail, though I suspect the movement stopped because SF was not willing to make the NI middle class an offer it could not refuse.

  • grumpy oul man

    This whole thread stinks of dead cat.
    2002 was when his car was attacked and his claim about the picture on the internet was bogus (bad parking not intimadation) the threatening phonecalls may well only exist in his mind but nevertheless it allows a bit of whataboutry when the recent attack on a SF reps is aired.

  • grumpy oul man

    Very good. But tell us how much milage can even you get over a 15 year old attack on a car and somebody being shamed for bad parking.
    Seriously if this is the best you and slugger can come up with then the shinners are not winning they have won.

  • grumpy oul man

    He knows this but since they are not shinners he perfers to pretend they dont exist.
    But when they do something nasty he has a go at the shinners.
    The man owns several dead cats and loves to bring them out at any and every opportunity.

  • Pm968

    Why hasnt Daniel reported those who threatened him to the police? Hard to report imaginary people I suppose

  • Lionel Hutz

    It was more than one photograph. It was 4 or 5 taken in different places.

  • Mary Anna Quigley

    Vote for hope not fear – BREAKTHROUGH not a breakdown

  • Mary Anna Quigley
  • Jollyraj

    I see….

    Where on your list of criminal gangs would you place whatever the dregs of the IRA are calling themselves these days?