Bangor SF agent has car destroyed in a petrol bomb attack…

This time, Sinn Fein in Bangor has got some local resource and something of a party presence. We know that in part because of the wilder elements of loyalism have been issuing threats for the party daring to show its democratic face in the town.

Now they’ve gone a step further and have petrol bombed their election agents car:

Around 10.30pm on Monday a petrol bomb was thrown through a smashed window of a black Citroen C4 Picasso in Towerview Crescent. The car was destroyed. Two masked men were seen in the area at the time. Police are treating the incident as a hate crime.

Michelle O’Neill wasted no time in pivoting:

This is an attack on the democratic process but it will not deter the local candidate or anyone else in Sinn Fein. There are clearly those who are intent on turning this into a brutal campaign and sectarianising the election.

UPDATE: DUP statement is pretty unambiguous:

“We are totally opposed to all forms of violence and criminality and would condemn this attack on a car in the Towerview area of Bangor.


There is no place for this type of activity and such an attack is undermining the democratic system and will not be tolerated by the people of North Down.


Any attack on a property or on an individual is wrong, regardless of who owns the property and we would appeal to anyone with any information to contact the PSNI.”

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  • Cináed mac Artri

    It’s been too long since I heard from our 1912 Correspondent. Hi.

    I have been talking about events within, probably, the majority of the population’s lifetime and in those terms contemporary. Much as you will wish to bring it all back to the unionists of the beginning of the last century it’s a very different argument. Different because the circumstances of the ‘Troubles’, and of today, were/are nothing like the Ireland of 1912.

    When people hear a member of Sinn Féin laud the attackers of police or fail to condemn the murder of an academic they may say to themselves ‘what’s the difference with what we are doing, are we not following on in exactly the same vein in much the same constitutional situation?’. I very much doubt they cast their minds back over a hundred years and tease out the nuances of the (very different) situation then.

    Not that you will be able to recognise that. For the sake of not having you yet again plough your comfortable furrow/rut (the Internet has suffered enough) I’ll throw you a bun and say “everything is the fault of the unionists”. Happy now?

    Content yourself with that, or speak with the grumpy guy, you’ll get on famously, he seems cut from the same cloth.

    Btw, you’ve made a number of references to yourself as an “historian”. I searched for publications in your name and found nothing. Any hints: publisher, ISBNs? I’m willing to punt a few Euros towards ‘enlightenment’.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Bless you Cináed, while “Seaan” only publishes on Slugger usually, my alter-ego has a very, very active life elsewhere, but as to names, that really would be telling! If you feel that my historiography is either inaccurate or unprofessional, you are entirely free to critique such instances, you really don’t particularly need to read any of my books for that, although I’d hope that when you perhaps discover my work independantly of “names”, my books may prove both entertaining and enlightening!

    If only, if only people were affected exclusively by events within their own lifetimes and the whole dreary pattern of historical influence and effect could so easily be broken free from, then NI would be a very very different place. I’d entirely agree with you that people are perhaps not thinking about “1912” in particular when they intimidate or even kill others, but neither are they usually at all aware of the personal motivations established by the similarly encoded effect of instances of childhood traumas, certainly not without a great deal of psychoanalysis going into the discovery! Sure, they do not consciously “tease out the nuances of the (very different) situation then” but its still there pervading our society and influencing them through its numerious ungoing effects. As the old tag says “it’s what you don’t know that really hurts you”, and unquestionably neither Michelle or Arlene’s rhetoric would be there in the form they employ without the events of 1912. But, still, thank you for finally stooping to “question the morals and ethics of an act” yourself, and (even in irony) publically admitting that Unionism was the inceptive force of this particular chain of cause and effect from 1912, “Proverbs IX. 9” and all that jazz!

  • Cináed mac Artri

    Poor stuff. A hobbyist wannabe, or stealth historian if you prefer.

    I’m about to leave to travel north to attend an event to hear a Greek bearing some really positive gifts. I’ll ask around and see if I can suss out your “alter-ego”.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    As I’d suggested Cináed if you wish for any actual credibility, simply stooping to manplaying in place of debate does not cut any mustard. Tell me where I’m at all inaccurate, if you feel that is so and have solid historical proofs, and we can discuss such matters like adults. But for now I’d refer you to Aesop’s moral tale of “The Fox and the Grapes.”

    It’s always interesting to say the least to be threatened personally on a thread which is about…wait a minute…..threat and intimidation. I’d perhaps better remind you that “outing” anyones identity is always a banning offence on Slugger, just in case you’d not encountered this. Believe it or not, I’d genuinely be sorry to see you go, as I believe many of your contributions to be valuable.

  • grumpy oul man

    Oh om sorry. A while ago you were sayiny that time scale didnt matter ( but of course you were talking about nationlists misdeeds) now when we talk about unionist misdeeds time does matter.
    Seemingly Arlenes demonizing SF and the Irish language and her cosy relationship with UDA leaders doesnt count on a thread about loyalist violence but Michelles actions do.
    By the way what did Michelle say at the commeration that was so offensive, i asked you that before and you seem to have been unable to answer and i must have missed your condemnation of Arlene s attack on the Irish language or her using dead cat politics but then you do a bit of the oul dead catting yourself.
    Anything to avoid saying anything bad about a unionist or a arsonist (as long as hes a unionist arsonist eh) so let me sum up your argument. THEMMUNS, DEAD CAT!thats about it isnt it.

  • grumpy oul man

    Ill take that punt!

  • grumpy oul man

    “Poor stuff” from someone who was offended by MON speaking at a commeration but doesnt seem to be able to tell us what she said.
    I have to say if indeed you are from the south ( to be honest i doubt it) you seem remarkably badly informed about what is happening up here.
    I do hope one of the gift this greek is bearing is a history book or two!
    So again i ask what did Michelle say that you found so offensive for you to jump into this thread , ignoring the arson that it was about and Arlenes viscous utterances.
    If it was something she didnt say then you must have been infurated that Arlene didnt comdenm the UDA when a local Brigadier came out in support of her and her party.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Oh dear, Katyusha, my particular lot stayed put in South Armagh, and married into the families of their planter neighbours, which is why I’ve ended up with a smidgen of Jewish and even Cherokee blood. I’ve had a lot of years in exile already making film (there was very few feature film jobs going in Belfast in the 1960/70s) but enjoy the rain, mud, peat fires and endless cold of “home” too much to trade it for abroad, even with lots of Red Stripe!

    But, come on, its about time we invited Don Hugo home and perhaps even made him head of state:'Neill