Dublin High Court orders extradition of suspect in 1996 PIRA mortar attack in Germany

Not much coverage of this so far, but the Irish Times reports that the High Court in Dublin has ordered the extradition of a suspect in the Provisional IRA mortar attack on a British army barracks near Osnabrück, Germany, in June 1996.

In October last year, James Anthony Oliver Albert Corry (46) was arrested in Killorglin, Co Kerry, on foot of a European Arrest Warrant issued by German authorities.

Later that month, Mr Corry, who is from north Belfast, spoke to a reporter from the Sunday Life when it was noted that

Corry denies having any involvement in IRA activities and has received support from Sinn Fein as he prepares to fight his case.

In May July this year the Irish News reported that a 5 October date had been set for the extradition hearing.  On 15 October The Kerryman carried a report of the legal arguments during that hearing.

Today in the High Court in Dublin, the Irish Times reports that Ms Justice Aileen Donnelly rejected the defence arguments and ordered that Mr Corry be surrendered to Germany.  The report notes that “Mr Corry was remanded in custody today until November 21st with consent to bail.”

From the Irish Times report

Delivering her judgement, Ms Justice Donnelly said that there is nothing “oppressive or discriminatory” about the respondent being sought to face trial and punishment in the same manner as any other person who is alleged to have committed an offence of attempted murder in Germany.

The judge said that although the court had regard to the “significant culpable delay” in seeking the surrender of the respondent, the public interest in his prosecution for this alleged organised offence of attempted murder through the use of explosives was “not thereby diminished.”

“Furthermore, the court observes that the availability of early release under the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement is a matter that can only be assessed by the Minister for Justice and Equality after a conviction.

“Even in this jurisdiction, any trial and sentence he would face would be that of a maximum of life imprisonment. The court must, and does, proceed on the basis that this is a sentence of life imprisonment that the respondent is facing if convicted of the offence alleged against him,” she said.

  • NMS

    Catch 22 in all its glory! He can’t plead the GFA, until he is convicted, can’t be convicted until he is extradited, the conviction will be a German one, and they don’t recognised the GFA

    Indeed the conditions in a German prison for a convicted terrorist, found guilty of attacking a NATO facility, will likely make the rest of this Provo’s life pretty miserable. No Sunday afternoon strolls through Kerry with his former commander Martin Ferris, finished off with a few quiet pints & a chat about the good old days!

    You would almost feel sorry for him!

  • John Collins

    I am no admirer of the IRA.but if he Balcome St boys could stand 24 years in GB jails through the on going troubles then this fellow should be able to tough it out as well.

  • file

    So, you are both sure he is guilty then? Even before a trial?

  • Jollyraj

    You aren’t holding out too much hope of his being found innocent, then, JC.

  • Jollyraj

    “Corry denies having any involvement in IRA activities and has received support from Sinn Fein as he prepares to fight his case.”

    Hmm… the latter part of this phrase will probably cast serious doubt on the former part. For the European court that tries him, his receiving the enthusiastic support of the political wing of the terrorist group he denies involvement in will not look too good, one imagines. And what will Sinn Fein do then? Start smearing the integrity of the German state?

  • NMS

    @file. By looking to go down the GFA route surely he is admitting his guilt?

  • NMS

    I think the key to this case is that he attacked, or is alleged to have attacked, a NATO installation, which just happened to have UK troops. In current conditions, this brings him into the ISIS league, not a pretty place to be.

    Receiving Provo support is perhaps the last thing he needs,I agree. The GFA does not cover attacks on NATO bases in Germany & a trial of a home grown European terrorist will look good running into the next German election. I imagine Die Linke will be busily trying to distance themselves from their European allies!

  • John Collins

    As I said several times before I have absolutely no time for cowardly bombers regardless of which community spawns them.

  • NMS

    A middle-aged man, probably in solitary confinement, in a German high security prison, far from home, is a completely different ball game to the much younger Balcombe St gang. Maybe he will convert to Islam?

  • Granni Trixie

    A bit like silence which cannot be taken as guilt in a court of law? Or that a person cannot get parole unless they admit their crime …which one cannot do should you also be claiming miscarriage of justice.

    You know I’m in two minds. On one hand, if a person who was a “combatant” turns away from their former ways I’m all for leaving them to it. In this case, the person says they were never in the ‘ra so you need a trial to sort out the evidence.

    And if the extradition goes ahead does this impact on the young woman also caught up in the case?

  • John Collins

    Maybe but Thomas Clarke and Donovan Ross’s spent decades in English jails, when prison conditions were far far worse than they are now and it did not kill or
    quiten them.

  • tmitch57

    If the German court convicts him it will prove that it is anti-peace. Infallible logic.

  • Jollyraj

    I’m no legal man but, if he is found guilty and it can be proved that Sinn Fein (whom are currently assisting him) knew or should have known of his hypothetical guilt .. would that make them or their representatives accomplices after the fact?

  • Jollyraj

    “As I said several times before I have absolutely no time for cowardly bombers” John Collins

  • John Collins

    I am commenting on their fanaticism and resilience, that does.not mean I approve of their bombings. In fairness I am sure you can see the distinction.

  • AntrimGael

    Meanwhile not only does the UDA continue to be controlled by Smiley’s People and allowed to murder, attack, intimidate, extort, terrorise and wreck their own communities with drugs BUT they get paid government money to do so……..as Unionist politicians and the media whistle Dixie and look the other way. Meanwhile Sinn Fein and the SDLP are too busy counting their 30 pieces of silver to care or worry.

  • file

    What is his plea?