If you’re not on the list, you’re not getting in Mr Adams…

This is just plain weird. How could Gerry Adams think he was invited to the White House and then find himself in a queue for 90 mins while his deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald was waved through?

Mr A is no stranger to queues at the White House. Security there is uber tight, and it is not uncommon to get pulled aside and wait for up to forty minutes, but as Irish Central notes…

However, after waiting 90 minutes and seeing no movement in the effort to gain him entrance, Adams decided to leave.

[Don’t you know who I am? – Ed] Anyhoo, there does not seem to have been a refusal as such. IC reports that Richie Tranghese, a key man in DC for both northern nationalist parties as saying the affair would be addressed.

Hmmm. Watch this space….

UPDATE: Gerry’s initial response. Secret Service’s apology. Gerry’s interview with UTV Ireland.