“inability to fashion political approaches sufficient to resonate with the Irish electorate”

Strong analysis from World By Storm on both government party’s woes in selling to the electorate…

the issue is deeper than the anything but simple Dáil arithmetic. It is about perception, and an understanding of how policies impact on the broader society. It struck me long ago that FG and – most particularly – the LP were remarkably cloth-eared in regard to their situation and those whose support they would ultimately require. Perhaps they were taken in by the siren voices who whispered (and in truth often shouted) out for ‘difficult measures’ and ‘courage’ in implementing them, though curiously those who made that case tended not to be those who would be negatively impacted by same (and ironically were the very ones who seemed to argue for a lifting of ‘difficult measures’ in regard to higher taxation and so on – i.e. the very measure that impacted upon them!).

Do read the whole thing