Fennelly reports a comedy of errors at the Department of Justice…

For those of you watching/caring, here’s the nub of the Fennelly report, published late on Tuesday (most of it after the Taoiseach went onto the Six One News), Vicky Conway:

Despite it being such a serious matter and even though he was statutorily accountable to the minister and the Government, Callinan first discussed this matter with the Attorney General. While unable to be precise about dates, Fennelly confirms the commissioner waited at least a month to inform the secretary general of the issue of recordings, and then it was a brief phone call rather than a written report. This was a failure of his statutory duties.

It is arguably even more shocking that neither the secretary general nor the Attorney General then informed the then minister, Alan Shatter. Indeed, the minister knew nothing about this until late March 2014. Fennelly accepts the AG’s position that the gardaí were “proprietorial” about their relationship with the minister and that going over their heads and speaking directly to the minister would not have been welcomed.

Confusion at the top table. Previously

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  • chrisjones2

    Oi sent him to see the Commissioner but he didn’t know why i sent him and he was surprised that i had sent him and was alarmed at the import of me sending him. And oi wanted him to tell the Commissioner that oi might possibly perhaps not have confidence in him the next day depending upon which way the wind blew in the morning and whether colleagues had their grumpy heads on or were hungover. But that was just to let him know that not to push him into any sort of decision. It was just a friendly sort of message to send like personally to the mans home at 11 o’clock at night and I didn’t want to be bothering him by callin’ him personal like and leavin open the possibility of one of them Garda tape recorders picking it up like.

    Now when he did whatever he did and explained whatever it was he explained both he and the Commissioner were utterly banjaxed so he called colleagues in a bit of a fit and with de weepin and dat and they got in a bit of a state and the Commissioner got in bit of a state and he then said “**** it, I cant be doin with this.I resign”

    Now that was totally de Commissioners own decision caus I had niver said I wanted him till go . It was his choice completely. Though on reflection and with the benefit of hindsight and the way things turned out it may have possibly nat been the best decision all around as i am exposed as a dithering edjit who cant handle a simple public excoriation of a public servant without buggering it all up and ending up looking like a fool

    Still, all’s well dat ends well

  • Jag

    The “vindication” of Enda Kenny’s actions rests solely on the assurance given by Enda Kenny himself, and disregards the mountain of evidence which contradicts Enda’s position that it wasn’t his intention to fire the Garda Commissioner -something which is of enormous significance because in the Republic, there is supposed to be a strong separation between government and the police.

    And yet Enda Kenny is the man who has previously told the Dail that Anglo was paying bondholders from its own resources, when everyone in the country knew that it was the taxpayer that was footing the bill.

    And this is the same Enda Kenny who swears blind that he wasn’t promoting the business interests of Denis O’Brien at Davos after he came back and effusively told the Dail about telecommunications in Burma (at a time when Denis was trying to secure a mobile phone licence in…..Burma!).

    And on a more prosaic note, this is the same Enda who claimed he never gave a commitment about keeping a hospital unit open….. until an RTE journalist located a tape recording with Enda making precisely that commitment.

    For Judge Fennelly to solely rely on Enda’s own assurances about his intentions with respect to that act last year when Enda dispatched a senior civil servant at 11pm to the home of the Commissioner, just flies in the face of logic (and experience of Enda’s dissimulation in the past).