Bagan Myanmar. Photo of the every other day…


By Rosie O’Connor. Explaining the photo Rosie said:

This photo was taken in Bagan, in Northern Myanmar. I had been travelling pretty much non stop for about 48 hours, first a minibus ride from Siem Reap to Bangkok, a flight to Yangon, then a night bus to a bus station a few miles out of the town. Anyone who’s been on a night bus in South East Asia knows they’re not exactly conducive to a good nights sleep.

After arriving exhausted at my hostel, too early to check in, I was persuaded by the saleswoman across the road, who had run out of electric bike to rent me, that a push bike was a more authentic mode of transport around the temples anyway. After about 20 mins cycling up and down hills in pitch black I came across a comfortable enough spot just in time for sunrise.

To be honest, I’m surprised I had the energy to stay awake to watch it, nevermind take a photo.