Scots vote for Holyrood not Westminster as SNP landslide wipes out Labour in Scotland…

The SNP victory in Scotland is nothing short of spectacular. They gained a phenomenal 50 seats, taking 40 seats from Labour and 10 from the Libdems.

What is clear is that the Scots have embraced devolution and the SNP message. We can expect another Scottish independence referendum in a few years, and if the SNP momentum keeps up it will be a victory for the Yes campaign.

What is also interesting is that with a 71% turnout, Scotland had the highest turnout of any region in the UK. The referendum last year has stimulated the Scottish appetite for politics. Scots have embraced democracy.

Contrast this with our own lacklustre Assembly. Maybe it is time to forgot about an all Ireland or the UK. Should we join our celtic cousins in a revamped Kingdom of Dalriada?



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  • Jag

    From a quick review of the NI constituencies turnout is actually up and it seems there has been a stimulation of a taste for politics amongst unionists. (EDIT: actually turnout in NI is up marginally from 57.99% in 2010 to 58.1% in 2015)

    Nationalism needs some serious reflection on these results. If the SDLP leader is back in Westminster for five years then nationalist pacts are probably off the table for now.

  • Old Mortality

    That their landslide failed to dislodge the only Conservative seat in Scotland must be a slight embarrassment for them. Well done the voters of Dumfriesshire. The Conservatives with their impressive leader are for now the only serious opposition to the SNP.

  • smcgiff

    Before we start drawing up a constitution for Scotland they have just managed a 50% vote that was explicitly stated as not being a pseudo Independence vote, so not sure if we’re much further on from the overall pro Indyref 45%, yet.

    However, the SNP vote was VERY evenly spread over Scotland. It’s beyond impressive.

    My own thoughts are that Scotland’s break away is more likely than not. Another 5 years of Tory rule, with a good intentioned but impotent 56 Scot Nat MPs is the prefect storm for Scottish Nationalism.

    I don’t think the UK will vote to exit the EU when that referendum is held, so that wont trigger a referendum. But, Nicola will surely include a referendum in the SNP’s Holyrood election manifesto. It would need to be a strong British MP to deny it again, even if it is so soon if opinion polls strongly indicate a desire for Indyref2.

    As for NI. While having a greater than ever Nationalist background pool to draw from it looks like Nationalist vote has plateaued.

    NI Ireland is working for the vast majority of people.

    NI is becoming more and more inclusive for those from a Catholic background. The status quo seems to be bedding in quite nicely. Who can blame them? We’re probably not a million miles away from them running the place.
    They only thing I can see disrupting the Status Quo is if the UK becomes federalised (as Boris suggests), or if Scotland breaks away.

  • Zeno

    “What is clear is that the Scots have embraced devolution and the SNP message. We can expect another Scottish independence referendum in a few years,”

    I don’t think that is even on the agenda for the SNP. Another failed referendum in a short space of time could damage them. Don’t forget we have people voting nationalist who wouldn’t vote for UI, so I don’t see why Scotland would be much different.

  • Kevin Breslin

    This reads Yes Scotland Parties 51.3% (+30.7% up), Better Together Parties 48.4% (-29.9%) Others 0.3% (-0.3%)

  • Kev Hughes

    ‘Scots have embraced democracy.’

    I hope you mean they’re more engaged now, as they embraced democracy decades ago.

  • Carl Mark

    You still peddling that oil tired inaccurate line!

  • Zeno

    I know people who vote for Sinn Fein and wouldn’t dream of voting for a United Ireland. I know even more SDLP voters who wouldn’t consider it. I know as the Catholic population has grown the nationalist vote has dropped. So all I can do is call it as I see it.
    But if you have some rationale that shows I’m wrong……. as per usual I’d love to hear it.

  • Carl Mark

    The SNP pick up 50(yep that right FIfty) seats, swept the boards and you say that one Tory is a embarrassment to them.
    Have you thought of doing stand up!

  • Carl Mark

    Well here is a alternative for you, I don’t vote SF or SDLP but I will be voting for a UI when the time comes. And I know quite a few like me.
    Now it has been proved that this little fancy of yours is nothing more than your own wishful thinking.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    And this is very interesting that not all SF & SDLP voters are that enthusiastic about UI yet others who don’t place their vote for them have that aspiration. NI’s political landscape defies the usual party mapping.

  • Zeno

    Thanks that’s changed my opinion completely. Everyone really wants UI but they keep it secret by not voting, appearing in polls or surveys or even saying they are Irish in the census.

  • Carl Mark

    Since your opinion is not actually based on any facts then its hard to change what is in fact a belief.
    If you don’t have proof but believe it then proof won’t stop you believing.

  • Zeno

    The maximum vote for UI can be calculated.

    FACT 23% vote for Nationalist Parties.

    FACT 23% say they are Nationalist in surveys.

    FACT 25% say they are Irish in the Census.

    FACT 26% was they highest recorded number who said they would like a United Ireland in a Poll under 2 years ago.

    You want to have a guess?
    (Not based on facts…………PMSL)

  • Old Mortality

    Given the invective which the SNP direct towards Conservatives – Tory having become an epithet used in the same way that fascist is elsewhere – I think the SNP would have swapped a few gains from Labour in exchange for being able to describe Scotland as a ‘Tory-free zone’. When you’ve swept away giant Labour majorities, you might feel some disappointment at being unable to overturn a relatively small Tory majority.

  • Robin Keogh

    Are u a DUP member?? Are you serious man ? One Conservative Seat, One Liberal Seat, One Labour Seat…out of a total of 59 seats !!!

  • JPJ2

    They have to recreate Better Together just to beat the pandas 3-2

  • JPJ2

    2010 GE Tory 38% SNP 10.8% in 4th place. 2015 GE Tory 39.8% SNP 38.3 %.

    If there is a next time, the Tory is gone, and the best bets for Tory gains, the 2 neighbouring seats, resulted in SNP gains from Labour and the Lib Dems.

    The non recovery of the Tories continues: GE 2010 16.7%, GE 2015 14.9 % Yet another General Election low, though apparently they did worse in 1865 (not a typo) with 14.6%

  • Carl Mark

    I repeat 50 seats, the only embarrassment the SNP is feeling is embarrassment of Rich’s.
    The Tories ,Labour and the Lib Dems should be embarrassed that they so pissed of the Scots that our Gaelic brothers and sisters showed them the door.

  • Steve Larson

    I’m certain that they do not care at all. The Tories, Lab. and Lib Dems are parties with no future.

    Same as the SNP have shown that Britain is now a dying political entity.

  • Heidstaethefire

    I hope we continue to be embarrassed by electing just one Tory.