Scots vote for Holyrood not Westminster as SNP landslide wipes out Labour in Scotland…

The SNP victory in Scotland is nothing short of spectacular. They gained a phenomenal 50 seats, taking 40 seats from Labour and 10 from the Libdems.

What is clear is that the Scots have embraced devolution and the SNP message. We can expect another Scottish independence referendum in a few years, and if the SNP momentum keeps up it will be a victory for the Yes campaign.

What is also interesting is that with a 71% turnout, Scotland had the highest turnout of any region in the UK. The referendum last year has stimulated the Scottish appetite for politics. Scots have embraced democracy.

Contrast this with our own lacklustre Assembly. Maybe it is time to forgot about an all Ireland or the UK. Should we join our celtic cousins in a revamped Kingdom of Dalriada?



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