Sinn Féin Cllr Anne Brolly: “I thought the British Army had all gone home.”

The six-foot sculpture of supposed Celtic sea-god, Manannán Mac Lir, that was ‘stolen’ from Binevenagh Mountain, near Limavady, in County Londonderry, has been found – some 300 metres from its original location… [Good initial search, Batman! – Ed].

The sculpture was apparently discovered by local ramblers, who “advised members of A company 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Regiment soldiers who helped police recover the statue”.  The soldiers were in the area having been deployed by helicopter to the north Antrim Coast on a routine weekend training exercise.

The find may save Limavady Borough Council, or its successor, the cost of a reinforced replacement sculpture.  The original cost £10,000.  [How much! – Ed]  Indeed.

But it would appear that not everyone is completely happy…  From the Derry Journal report

[Sinn Féin Cllr Anne Brolly] said: “I would express concern that soldiers were involved in the recovery of the sculpture. I thought the British Army had all gone home.”

[Are you serious?! – Ed]  Well, that’s what happens when you think that we’re not part of the UK…

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  • Ernekid

    Northern Irish Local government representative says something totally moronic. I wonder what what other exposés Slugger will feature?

    The religious affiliations of Mr. Jorge Bergoglio formally of Buenos Aires?

    The arboreal nature of the excretory locations for large Ursine mammals?

  • Snow white

    Sums it up.

  • Glenn Clare

    It must have come as a shock to Ms Briolly, then when her leader Martin McGuinness met the Armed Forces Commander in Chief, Her Majesty the Queen, in this part of the United Kingdom. Then he liked the meeting so much he went to Windsor Castle, to have a posh dinner with her and the great and good of the UK and commonwealth in his best bib and tucker.

  • Newton Emerson

    A pretty clear case of getting a stupid answer to a stupid question.

  • Glenn Clare

    You can’t say that about a sinner, you will be forced to make a full retraction in the Anersonstown news.

  • chrisjones2

    It was the Royal Irish Regiment. They are home

  • chrisjones2

    Warning to Ms Brolly – when the Leadership tell you something it ain’t necessarily so and if you believe it you will end up looking an edjit

  • PaulT

    Wow what a fantastic set of coincidences to all happen at the same time in a remote spot.

    Sorry ain’t buying the large statue been found right beside where it was stolen by a group of ramblers who rang the police who happened to know that that very afternoon the RIR were flying over in a helicopter and were available to pick up the statue.

    Sounds like a big old blag to cover for who ever stole the statue. Now then who would be sympathetic to a Fundamentalist Christian vandal and can sort things out with the police and the army on their behalf.

    It would have to be someone in the DUP.

    Yup, think there’s loads more questions to be asked about this little ‘Famous Five go Rambling’ mystry

  • PaulT

    “what other exposés Slugger will feature?”
    Local SDLP MLA annoyed that RIR helicopter was in area and he wasn’t offered a free ride “I didn’t get to go on the Afgan Copter ride either” huffed the local stoop

  • PaulT

    isn’t she also head of their religion and the government as well as the army, sounds a bit like that Bagdadi bloke who runs ISIS.

    “Then he liked the meeting so much he went to Windsor Castle”

    IIRC MMcG and the rest of the Irish Presidents entourage were very well received at the State banquet in honour of their visit to the United Kingdom.

    I must say that the UK knows how to treat guests to their country really well.

    Was Peter Robinson also in the visiting Irish party?

  • PaulT

    After their embarrassment in Afganistan it’s hardly surprising that other regiments would be unhappy serving along them, so guess ‘home’ it is

  • You have some errors in your understanding of the story.

    The ramblers, who found the sculpture, “advised members of A company 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Regiment soldiers who helped police recover the statue”.
    The soldiers were already on the ground having been deployed on a routine weekend exercise.
    Not that I’m discounting your particular conspiracy theory. Just that its over-complicated.
    But, if I was pointing fingers at possible suspects behind the initial disappearance, I’d be looking more closely at those ramblers.
    That would mean the Fundamentalist Christian angle was a complete red-herring…

  • PaulT

    So Pete, you’re right re the ramblers contacting the RIR direct, also just found out that 2nd Batt is Army Reserve not regular.

    Re the Fundie Red Herring, surely Fundies are found of a ramble esp near the Bann or indeed a bit of soldiering.

    The story stinks but I don’t think it’s a smell of Herring

  • John

    And what exactly was this embarrassment you talk of? It was the TA anyway not the reg’s. Or army reserve as they are now known.

  • PaulT

    That would be RIR officers writing each up citations for medals to the annoyance of other regiments resulting in an example been made of this bloke

    And all the other stories disappearing

  • the keep

    Deflect deflect deflect!

  • Reader

    Not just a remote spot – a beauty spot, apparently:
    Can any locals who have ever visited the spot confirm one way or another? If it’s a beauty spot, not an unusual place for ramblers to visit, surely?

  • John

    Woeful, if that’s the best you can come up with then I’ll hardly worry too much. You zone in on one plonker and disregard all the other fantastic work that they did out there. Chube.

  • chrisjones2

    Shes still a prat and you are still an apologist for prattery

  • John

    WTF are you even talking about here? That much rubbish.

  • chrisjones2

    Time for your tin helmet and meds again?

  • chrisjones2

    She has clearly been misled. If I was her I would ask Gerry for the last 10 years subs back

  • chrisjones2

    Never mind Paul …under the new protocol they will soon be training alongside the Irish Regiment. My that’ll be fun

  • the keep

    Sorry my old cock sparrow i was having a pop at PaulT and not you however in due course if i feel bored i will have a pop at you!

  • Glenn Clare

    The officer who made the claims was on attachment to the 1st Battalion Royal Irish. His account was challenged by two corporals from the Royal Irish.

  • LordSummerisle

    Funny Cllr. Brolly takes great pride in her ancestors who fought for the {sic} British Army. Indeed she has oft been watched attending Commemoration Services organised by the RBL.

    What can one say… somewhat a Janus.

  • LordSummerisle

    That shows a profound ignorance of the Anglican/Episcopal tradition.

  • Glenn Clare

    Is Ann Brolly, alone in her thinking that the Brits have gone home??? Or is she just one of many within the sinners/provos who were convinced by the cult leadership that there is no military presence here in this part of the United Kingdom. If she is alone then this must come as a relief to the cult leadership. If she is not alone then things within the cult must be worse than Unionists thought. The conditioning and brain washing within the cult must be of epidemic proportions.

    Anyway who does she think defuses all the past sinner/provo ordinance that keeps appearing, and the bombs of the current republican terror campaign, the boy scouts???
    Obviously she never listens to the cults deputy first minister, when he said this week that the only time British soldiers were on the streets was to clear up the mess from the current republican terror campaign. Ann please try and keep up.

    But anyway lets go back to the just after both the St Andrews agreement, where Ann Brollys thinking must have been formed.

    Gerry, Marty and the rest of the cult are sitting in a dimly lit room. Gerry the cult leader starts to talk he says they have won the war. They are going into government with the DUP, and all the Brits are going home. Did Gerry write the script for the druids lead singer by the way???

    But anyway getting back to the cult meeting, with the sound of foggy dew softly playing in the background. Gerry convinces all his assembled cult followers that the IRA did not disarm, they will not recognize the PSNI, or the courts. He continues to tell his followers that they were not infested with informers and remain undefeated. And with the orchestra playing traditional Irish music in the background he tells his followers, as cheering reverberates from the body of the assembled cult members. He confirms that all the Brits are gone and they will never meet the Queen.

  • Superfluous

    To be fair, I knew the RIR had barracks etc, but wasn’t aware they could actively assist police in any civic type operation these days.

    Not that I care that much, mind.

  • PaulT

    you’ve lost me? the Irish Regiment are who?

  • PaulT

    are you! I hadn’t spotted it, having read back I’m still not sure was the Deflect etc having a pop at me? I think perhaps your lax attitude to having a ‘pop’ at people is reflected in your poor ‘popping’

  • PaulT

    not sure I understood that, have another go at constructing a sentence, actually hook up with ‘the keep’ he seem’s to be on the nursery slopes as well

  • PaulT

    dammit, I’ve just tried to do a witty retort of Peter and Iris sitting at home having an equally stupid conversation, but I’m stuck, it just seems to be silence, mmmmmh. and he can’t get a divorce until he escapes the swivel eyed fundies in the DUP and he can’t leave the DUP until he’s got his Peerage and he can’t get a Peerage until he delivers and still there’s no conversation.

    I give up.

  • PaulT

    surely you mean tinfoil hat not ‘tin helmet’ that doesn’t really make any sense unless you’re mistaken me for a Coal Minor in this chatroom…… you old perv

  • Deke Thornton
  • Deke Thornton

    2 Rifles are at Ballykinler. the 3 mainland Infantry battalions stationed here and logistics such as Camp Moscow train regularly with TA Battalions like 2 RIR and the North Irish Horse. 1 RIR are currently in Shropshire but all are part of 16 Air Assault Brigade. All routine. Special Forces are also Ballykinler, but the MoD do not comment on them. British soldiers on exercise on British territory….hardly a big deal.

  • PaulT

    “You zone in on one plonker”

    tends to be what you when making an example

    “resulting in an example been made of this bloke”

    “RIR officers writing each up citations for medals”

    Medal inflatation was rife among the RIR in Helmand.and his treatment though deserved was harsher because the RIR wouldn’t play ball (honour among thieves so to speak)

    belittle it if you like, but it was the first time it ever happened in the army and rest assured others don’t take it so lightly, esp as the BA in Helmand had to be bailed out by the yanks to add to the embarrassment.

  • Jay

    Gokhale, the man whom Gandhi succeeded had a firm belief in working with the system rather than against it. Change from the inside out. Reform, reform, reform until there is no signs of the original system left. The GFA gave republicans a way into the system, it may not be the quickest approach, but it insures a better today, therefore a better future. The IRA could not, can not and will not beat the British, ever! What they did do was bring them to the table. Twice now in a century. Granted the desired outcome may not have been achieved, but the freedom to be able to so was! (I prefer not to use real quotes, they are usually greated with sniggers in this wee plot of land)
    So say what you want about Gerry and his cult, history, in my opinion, will be a lot kinder.

  • Superfluous

    “British soldiers on exercise on British territory….hardly a big deal.”

    It’s not really a big deal, but in NI people really really like to point score – so the Norn Iron translation of Pete’s article should probably be something more like:

    “hey Nationalists, one of your crazy lot just forgot we’re in the UK – doesn’t she know that Britishness is the only legitimate nationality around here? no? Our troops have the right to prance about wherever they want, always have, and don’t you forget it Paddy. Also here’s another link where someone else dared question British political and cultural hegemony – just to put you in your place and remind you that we’re in control.”

    Which would be harmless and maybe even a bit fun from a Unionist view, if Paddy wasn’t sitting seething and waiting for the day where he’s in control of things like flegs in Belfast City council – leading to “chipity chip chip chip Billy”… ad infinitum.

  • duineodhoire

    To be honest, it will be a great day when no army has to do training exercises anywhere, because humanity will have progressed to the stage where it no longer needs military machines, whether they pledge allegiance to the UK, to the Republic of Ireland, to the US or wherever.
    It will also be a great day when people stop taking serious religions that make them feel like they have to remove and destroy images of rival, and no less improbable, gods than the ones they worship themselves…

  • Zeno

    So the Brits are still here. We are not going to have a United Ireland in 2016. Marty is chums with Her Majesty The Queen and the MI5 Backup HQ is in County Down. The only thing that really changed was Sinn Fein getting jobs working for the UK Government.

  • Zeno

    The GFA gave republicans a way into the system,

    It certainly did, but they have achieved nothing by “joining the system” apart from all the really good jobs and expenses.

  • chrisjones2

    Tin hat or tinfoil helmet – both will have the same effect

  • chrisjones2

    Apologies – the Irish Battalions of the Irish Army based in Ireland

  • chrisjones2

    Please feel free but my reply was to him and not you so I apologise for any confusion

  • chrisjones2

    she also head of their religion and the government as well as the army

    Bit like POTUS except for the religion bit. And when she started her reign the Archbishop of Dublin was still as good as drafting Irish Legislation!

  • Dan

    Would Brolly prefer no soldiers turned up to deal with the situation when some of her IRA heroes leave bombs in housing estates in Londonderry?

  • Gingray

    Nice summary 🙂

  • carl marks

    like everything else, they are a resource and used when needed.

  • chrisjones2

    Of course they can assist the civil authorities when called on

  • chrisjones2

    So the Brits who really wanted out (on both occasions) and whose negotiations on unity were set back (on both occasions) by campaigns of murder and bombing allowed themselves to be brought to the negotiating table??

    Doh. History may be a little more dispassionate. The trampolining dog however will get a favorable mention as will the Brits whose years of careful intelligence work crafted the peace process

  • chrisjones2

    “all the really good jobs and expenses” ….what do you want? Equality?

  • PaulT

    I’ll take your word for it, you seem to have firsthand knowledge

  • PaulT

    “Gokhale, the man whom Gandhi succeeded had a firm belief in working with the system rather than against it. Change from the inside out. Reform, reform, reform until there is no signs of the original system left.”

    Except that up to circa 1920 most Indians including Gandhi believe that was the best way to independence was from within the system.

    Circa 1.5million Indians served in WW1 including about 800K soldiers, suffered about 60k dead, 60k injured and at the end of the war India’s economy was badly damaged due to their support for GB in the war.

    There’s a quote from Gandhi which goes something like ‘in the first instance go to a recruiting office from there all things will flow’

    However, despite working from within the system and playing the game India did not achieve any type of independence rather they were given similar power as a Parish Council as a thank you.

    Meanwhile in Ireland who went outside the system were setting up a largely independent state at the same time as Indians finally woke you to been shafted.

    So, find it hard to understand your example as India only achieved independence by going head to head with GB

  • Jay

    Tell me any other situation in the world where the losing side removes the flag of the winner from a capital building? Reform, reform reform or chip, chip, chip, if you prefer. The Irish language decision in Newry, republicans can simply ignore unionists and just change what they want. If it goes to a vote and they are a majority, so be it. That’s what is coming into play.

  • Niall Noígíallach

    Interesting. I’m stroking my chin here wondering why there hasn’t been a thread on the Unionist councillor who recently asserted his belief in witchcraft, yet Brolly’s comments deserve a thread of their own.



  • SeaanUiNeill

    No thread yet perhaps, but some exchanges over on the Ruth Patterson thread at the start of February.

    I should mention that, despite my tone, I’m entirely in agreement with the general points Morpheus is making, simply adding another thread of ideas from one of my own particular areas of research in seventeenth century history. Truths within truths and all that.

    Perhaps you could write a lead article on Councillor Jackie’s rather “thin” approach to the issue?

  • chrisjones2

    sitting at which home?

    Belfast? London? USA?

  • Jay

    Play the system and freedom to achieve freedom are the two “theories” I was attempting to link. The difference in India and Ireland is the two occur in reverse.

  • Jay

    They handed republicans guaranteed power, which they can use to change the “system”. Irish language in Newry, union flag on city hall. Undermine the union at any given chance. Not a tactic I would be too keen on as its going to lead to communities being backed into a corner, but a tactic nonetheless.

  • Bo Diddley Dobbin

    Well they’re not on the streets, imposing curfews and Operation Banner is long over. But it’s still Uk territory. I suppose you might be shocked to bump into anyone in military garb in the mountains, and it’s not always the British Army.

  • Jay

    Its going to end in one big carve up morph. North East vs South West. The idea of a shared future is BS. Sinn Feinn have no intentions of it. They want to create wee Irish havens throughout NI and they have the power to be able to do so. Its going to be an ugly few of years of pure antagonisation, but its better than killing each other!

  • Glenn Clare

    Deke that is out of date information there are 2 regular
    Battalions in Northern Ireland, 2 Scots in Palace and 2 Rifles in Thiepval, as
    is the HQ of 2 Royal Irish. Moscow camp is closed; there are several thousand reservists
    in reserve units all around Northern Ireland, who train both here and in mainland

    As you say the Armed Forces training here in this part of
    the UK, hardly a big deal. This is of course unless you’re Sinn Fein/IRA then
    everything British is a big deal.

    Here is something Ann Brolly should be exercised about but
    won’t. Republican criminality and the poising of Irish children with the toxic
    residue of IRA fuel laundering. I wonder how they are going to spin the words
    of republican political suicide victim Bobby Sands. I suspect there aren’t too
    many poisoned Irish children laughing now, with the toxic residue of IRA fuel
    laundering in their drinking water. Maybe someone can arrange for get out of
    gaol letters. I’m sure we can guarantee that if the IRA personnel involved are arrested,
    no doubt they will be senior IRA personnel, and will be critical to the so
    called peace process. And there will be demands that they be released immediately
    with a phalanx of Sinn Fein/IRA protesting outside PSNI HQ at Knock.

    This week’s special offer is two litres of sparkling Louth bottled
    water with every 20lts of IRA laundered fuel and a free copy of Bobby’s
    utterings. Will that be Sterling or Euros, you have a nice day and be sure to
    come back soon there is plenty of that water to give away.

  • Jay

    Like all those peaceful protests we witnessed over the past few years? We may not be killing each other but we are from from peace. Political decisions can cause just as much grievance. The Provo’s tactics have changed from war to those of Gokhale. Its better to be in the system than outside out it. Trojan horses and all that jazz!

  • mickfealty

    If you feel you may have been the butt of this joke, better call Mick ( to see if you still qualify within the rules of Slugger O’Toole? Ref:

  • Zeno

    ” Reform, reform reform or chip, chip, chip, if you prefer.”

    The aim of the Republican movement is a United Ireland, or at least that is what they lead us to believe. The problem is they are in a minority. At most 23% of the electorate identify themselves as Nationalist. So all the chip chip chip is doing nothing to promote their cause. It is damaging that cause, because without the support of an awful lot of non Nationalist they can never achieve their goal. SF need to keep all of their voters on board including the disgruntled hard liners.
    The chip chip chip is an effort to show those people that they are doing something.
    Taking flags down and naming playgrounds after IRA Men is all they can do.

  • Practically_Family

    Cllr. Brolly is correct. They are home!

  • Jay

    Exactly. Its all they can do, so they will do it. If there can’t be a UI they’ll give us a greener than green NI. As I said to morph we still have many nasty years ahead of us

  • The Firemen

    It’s just typical of Slugger that they would point out the silliness of comments made by Sinn Féin representatives yet totally ignore those from the unionist ‘side’. Typical Slugger bias etc etc…

    Oh wait…

  • John

    They weren’t bailed out. They didn’t have the political backing to commit the numbers needed, like Basra and thus had to hand it over.

  • John

    Poor attempt at a put down. You are out of your depth from reading your ramblings of nonsense.

  • John

    Exactly and as simplistic as it sounds it’s pretty much all down to SF’s current tactics to de-Britishise NI. Live and Let Live and if a time comes for a UI then so be it.

  • John

    Good post.

  • hugh mccloy

    The story here should be found 300 from the site

  • hugh mccloy

    She is definitely not alone in that mindset

  • Reader

    Niall Noígíallach : I’m stroking my chin here wondering why there hasn’t been a thread on the Unionist councillor who recently asserted his belief in witchcraft, yet Brolly’s comments deserve a thread of their own.
    Well, there’s a lot of religious thinking round here, and it gets a free pass. Others have pointed out that the wibble about witchcraft was actually discussed; on the other hand, it wouldn’t take long to find an SDLPer who believed in the Assumption, and would you find that worthy of discussion?

  • Kevin Breslin
  • barnshee

    You don`t really need to worry that much about it It appears (do correct me where I am wrong) that pollution and environmental damage is mostly confined to south Armagh and adjacent areas in the ROI.
    The rest of don`t really have to be too concerned

  • Niall Noígíallach

    I liked the one where you got ripped apart much better Mr Fireman Sam Sir

    By the way, in parts 2 and 3, has Jamie Dornan signed up? romuours yesterday he isn’t doing the Fifty Shades sequels. Might be worth a punt getting him on board for the rest of the trilogy

  • Niall Noígíallach

    The point I’m making Reader is that the Sinn Fein obsession on Slugger wonders off into desperate and mind numbingly weird places.

    There’s another new Sinner thread knocking about now. Gerry Adams and twitter. Seriously though, who gives a f*ck? I mean deep down, right in the pit of your stomach. Alongside the importance of your family, health, friends, career and life general, who gives a fiddlers f*ck about what Gerry Adams tweets or what Sinners say? What impact does it have on anyone’s life? Most importantly, how does make anyone else’s life better? We get the point, some people don’t like Sinn Fein. I don’t like cornish pasties. I don’t tell people about it every two or three minutes in the vain hope that Mr Cornish Pastie will leave the world of pasties forever.

    I like threads about upcoming elections, up and coming young candidates, neck and neck polls and who might form the next government here, down south or across the water. Normal sh*t. Semi-normal sh*t in the case of the North, mind.

    But obsessing over each and every Sinner, their every word and utternance, what colour knickers they wear and what they said on a Tuesday afternoon one August back when Jesus was an altar boy is mental. Plain and simple.

    There’s an awful lot made of the “cult” of Sinn Fein and the dedication to dear leader. The only cult anywhere near Sinn Fein is the cult of the obsessive. Those who obsess and stalk that party at every turn on the internet, examine their every move and word and then relay it all back in digital form to wait on the self-gratification that comes with a like, retweet or favourite. Or a spotlight documentary.

    It’s like my granda used to tell me when I was younger and stepped out of line, “You know sometimes wee lad, you need a good boot in the hole to wise you up”

  • Pete

    Whatabout Whatabout Whatabout

  • Glenn Clare

    Ann, “they haven’t gone away ya know”.

  • barnshee

    Not the prods fault the prods have not been “in charge” for 50 or so years -look elsewhere for the cause