Did C4 do UKIP a massive favour last night? #100DaysOfUKIP

It was all over social media last night. The fictional drama produced by Channel 4 speculating about what a possible UKIP government would be like within its first 100 days.

There was always going to be some risk this close to an election doing a drama on a party which is rising in the polls and typically uses things like this to its advantage.

Before the show even aired Ofcom had received 20 complaints about the show and whilst the image of Neil Hamilton as Deputy Prime Minister was supposed to put people off voting UKIP it appears that the programme has helped them as the bulk of social media proclaimed sympathy with the party of what was perceived as unfair treatment.

The party leader Nigel Farage had this to say on Twitter;

Do you think the programme helped UKIP?

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  • chrisjones2

    Look forward to Channel 4s next satire on a Labour Party supported by the Guardian that takes a stand againts tax avoidance while hiding its assets changing wills and keeping its money in overseas trusts

  • ukcomment

    In answer to your question – yes.

  • Ernekid

    I thought it was a bit silly and poorly done. They could have easily made a fictional UKIP government look a lot more like the Fascist Norsefire Party in V for Vendetta “Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith!”

    I found it odd that the programme didn’t explain or give any reason why in this future, UKIP gained a massive surge in support and the failure to mention Scotland who would definitely demand another referendum if UKIP gained any sort of power was odd too.

    The wheels are failing off the UKIP bus anyway. Its internal contradictions are starting to overwhelm it and Carswell and Reckless are getting the knives ready to stab Farage in the back.

  • Neil

    I thought it was pretty outrageous. Predictable, a bit boring and bad form.

  • Dan

    Feeble excuse for a programme, and a total embarrassment for Channel 4 and anyone associated with it.

  • Davros64

    You mean New Labour finally copying the Tories in every last way then?

  • T.E.Lawrence

    Yeah I remember both the UK and Irish Government banning Sinn Fein on the Media – That was a great success wasn’t it ? In answer to your question David I think Nigel is laughing at such back-fire crap from the Establishment !

  • chrisjones2

    It wilkl probably have no negative impact (as perhaps the channel intended) as Channel 4 s audience dont vote UKIP

  • chrisjones2

    They always did.

    Leader – millionaire who altered Mummys will to avoid tax on the property bequeathed to him

    Deputy Leader – granddaughter of an Earl who loves to lecture us on how terrible it is for poor people

    Chancellor – always gets receipts ………. but then shreds them

    Business Secretary – multi millionaire based on family money

    After all taxes are for little people

  • Gerry Lynch

    I’m hardly a UKIP supporter, but I thought it was clumsy in any event and inappropriate less than 3 months before a General Election.

  • sk

    Not a fan of UKIP, but this was a partisan hatchet-job and it shouldn’t have been commissioned.

  • Sp12

    NSFW language.

    “Why don’t you do a documentary about Cameron, Boris and George and the Bullington Club”
    He must have missed the Film 4 production of The Riot Club.

  • Floreat Ultonia

    “Its the British Establishment fighting back to protect the cosy two and a half party system”

    Obits for the 2-party system may be premature, but we can probably write off that of 3 parties if the LibDems poll less than 10%…

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Still smarting over the Union vote John?

  • Paul Moss

    On Monday, Breitbart London exclusively revealed that the director and writer, Chris Atkins, is appearing at Southwark Crown Court this Friday for a pre-trial hearing after he and 12 others were accused of Cheating the Public Revenue over a tax evasion scheme estimated at £2.5 million.

  • Davros64

    Tbf, it’s gonna depend on whether the LD’s get >20 seats, regardless of their vote share.
    Then they’ll probably end up holding up the balance of power again, one would hope not again with the current shower…

  • Floreat Ultonia

    Most polls seem to be showing them getting 20-30 seats, which would actually be quite impressive if their national vote share collapses.

    They won’t necessarily hold the balance though. Say if Labour plus SNP are just a few shy of 326 (or 323, if SF as likely continue to stay away), then Labour could get PC, SDLP and a Green or two on board. Or just possibly the DUP (whose price might well be that they get to have both reduced corpo tax but unchanged block grant?).

  • Davros64

    That’s a lot of Ifs. A Lab/SNP pact or the current farcical arrangement is most likely.
    More small players make it more likely to quickly unravel. Let alone reach agreement in the first place…

  • Floreat Ultonia

    Only one big IF (ie Labour and SNP getting close to 326). The other things (smaller Nat and Left parties being closer to Labour, DUP doing a deal for cash alone, SF remaining away) are fairly predictable.

    But I agree with you it’s likely to be messy.

  • Davros64

    According to various election results ‘propaganda’, Lab/SNP ‘most likely’ pact scenario…5% chance of others coming into play, at best.

    LD’s rump/Ukrap likely to have more influence…sadly.

  • Floreat Ultonia

    Let’s say the final result is something like this (as suggested by much of the analysis/ propaganda you mention)

    Labour 275-280
    Tory 270-275
    SNP 40-45
    LibDem 25-30
    Unionists 10
    Other Nationalists (PC, SDLP) 7
    UKIP 6
    Green 2
    (SF abstentionist 5)

    Labour would get close but not over the line with SNP alone. PC, SDLP and Green would be up for a deal, ditto DUP in the way I described.

    LibDems and UKIP would actually have very little influence there. They would be too small to help the Tories in while Labour wouldn’t need them.

  • Davros64

    That’s understating Labour/Tories and overstating pretty much everyone else…
    Maybe ‘Other nats’, though be amazed if they win 7 seats!
    And Clegg-less (hopefully) LD’s more use to a coalition than more diverse special interest groups?

    A better chance of another election before the end of the year, not that will change much in the North.

  • Floreat Ultonia

    Check out those poll sites.

    Pretty much by definition, I’m only over-rating the small parties by a handful if at all. PC and SDLP combined already have six, they should hold them all while PC may take one from the LibDems in North Wales.

    Greens are forecast to hold Brighton and polls suggest could win in Bristol where all five parties are challenging.

    The Unionists are expected to keep all their nine plus win one from Alliance.

    UKIP a bit harder to forecast but most polls suggest they’ll get some wins.

    The FPTP arithmetic in Scotland hugely exaggerates SNP support against all the Westminster parties.

    SNP, PC and Greens are already a mini-coalition: they’ll ask for savings on scrapping Trident to be spent on funding childcare or similar. SDLP would likely join in. Also don’t forget the LibDems are fractured too- in the Shires they claim to be a better-managed alternative tory party, while people like Lynn Featherstone in your ‘hood have in the past claimed to be left of labour, no?

  • puffen

    Thought it was a political satire, at the start, but then could not find any punch lines, once again the Left overstate their case, Why is it ,they do such heavy leaden drama, it was obviously committee driven by some workers , collective.

  • Davros64

    Hmm, thought you didn’t like ‘self-evident’ posts, except that a lot this is based on conjecture pre-empting 7th May, or in the case of the SNP directly contradicts your own reasoning…
    On the basis of the above wording!

    Much as I’d love to see New Labour wiped out in Alba,can’t see them gaining >30 seats as you suggest, so the former would need less to hold power as would do the Tories if they check Ukrap’s progress…

    And talk of any mini-coalition by anyone other than the Nats or the Libs being to ‘the left’ of even New Labour is completely spurious hot air at this stage…