Cameron and Kenny go home

From the BBC, David Cameron and Enda Kenny go home after talks failed to reach a deal. There was an offer on the table of spending powers that would amount to £1 billion over five years. However, the reaction from Sinn Fein was not very encouraging for Cameron as the Education Minister, John O’Dowd labelled Cameron a “penny pinching accountant” and the party president, Gerry Adams had this to say

Blame game starts, was Cameron right to go home? PM’s statement

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  • Comrade Stalin

    To exactly what effect do you think the DUP will use their role as powerbrokers (assuming they get it, which is relatively unlikely) ?

    They won’t change the way NI is funded. They can’t undermine the Parades Commission because of the realpolitik. What exactly can they do ?

    The DUP were never “integrationists” and I don’t think they are now. If they don’t end up in an influential position in Westminster, they know that there is little to stop Westminster from legislating over abortion, marriage equality, and even the Irish language matters that the Shinners are on about.

  • Comrade Stalin

    The SDLP, Alliance and UUP are playing little more than a peripheral role at the moment so it doesn’t really matter whether or not they walk away. The job still has to be to put an alternative perspective to voters. The SDLP and Alliance can do this. (the UUP are all over the shop)

  • Comrade Stalin

    As a nationalist would only concern me if there was not a quid pro quo on such dilution. I mean, I would be happy enough to allow contentious Orange marches proceed or the Union Jack to fly on government buildings on the basis that PROPER, expanded North-South institutions are established and resourced.

    You mean to say that in exchange for what you call proper North South institutions you will legalize bands playing the Billy Boys and yelling “f*** the pope” outside the church where my great-grandparents, my grandparents and many of my aunts and uncles got married and baptized their children ?

    What sort of nonsense is that ?

    And exactly what sort of north-south bodies do you have in mind ?

  • chrisjones2

    The technical political term is a bung

    Or to use another metaphor.Sf have made promises that they can never keep to their electorate …think of it as a sort of loan

    Now the electorate wants their money back and is getting suspicious. so SF need to find some mug to give them a bung to pay off their self inflicted debts.They thought that big Dave and wee Enda looked a light touch but that proved not to be the case with BIg Dave now having read the last 10 chapters of this saga which all ended up with the PM paying out cash.

    So Dave offers Gerry the loan of £1bn and Gerry things ‘great stuff rolled them again ‘ till Marty – who has been actually listening and is more of a details man – tells Gerry that the loan is from their own money and on condition that they use it to make redundant lots of SF voters who stuff the civil service. Gerry suddenly realizes that that is like borrowing a knife to stab yerself so he cries and foul and big Dave actually gets cheeky to him and fronts him up for not bothering his arse to attend until the last day


  • Croiteir

    Come now – you know that the flit to Belfast was caused by the blocking of the road at Millbrook caused by anti Anglo-Irish agreement unionists. The road improvements are the final straw, Larne has never recovered from unionists protesting and destroying trade.

  • Croiteir

    Serves you right for going through Carnalbanagh.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Hey Crotier, I know that the first really big shift was back then, but Larne port has been rebuilding its trade quite a bit since. Several of my neighbours work in the docks and I know a few ship masters and pilots. They all tell me that the road has meant an 80% drop in cargos. Both the unexpected consequences of Unionist dreams however, I’ll more than agree on that.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Once described to me, Croiteir as a place with “More sheep and Presbyterians in one place than anywhere else in Antrim.” But at least they seem to have eventually sloughed off their own local wee pocket Ian Paisley!