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Eagle eyed readers might notice the banner at the top now says over 75,000 readers a month. Since the revamp a few months ago Slugger has been revitalised and is going from strength to strength. We have added over 20,000 new readers since the revamp! Slugger is also leading the way in breaking stories. This week alone several of our posts have been the top story on TalkBack, UTV News Etc..


Slugger is a team effort and we are extremely grateful to all our contributors. We know it is very time consuming writing posts and we really appreciate all your efforts. We have added lots of new voices to the team recently and we welcome the diversity of opinion this has brought to the site.

We are always looking for new writers so if you are interesting please drop any of us an email:


Maybe it is just me but the comments seem to be a lot more civilised these days. There are some great discussions going on and I have been impressed with the knowledge and insight from some of the commenters. If you are not keen to become a regular contributors we are more that willing to accept one off posts on a topic of interest to you. Send any posts to any of the emails above. Ping us too if you think a comment merits ‘featuring’ at the top of its thread.

Future plans – Slugger Live!

We think there is a demand out their for live political debates and events. We would like to run a series of live events but we need to gauge the interest level out their and more importantly see if people willing to pay to attend. The format will be a live debate or discussion in a relaxed atmosphere (bar, cafe etc). We are also looking at running a Festival of Politics AND/OR History, this would be based along similar lines to the Irish History Festival. We are also thinking of resurrecting the Slugger Awards. With live events we need to pay for venues, speakers etc so it is important to make sure they are financially viable.

Help us keep the Good Ship Slugger afloat…

As you might notice Slugger has no ads any more. We are loath to introduce generic ads again as they bring in very little money and tend to annoy the readers. The model we are hoping to develop is user supported alongside limited and time bound sponsorship and partnership opportunities like the OpenGovNI project. We have a lot of regular readers and would be fantastic if you could spare a fiver or tenner a year to keep us going. I know people are loath to pay for anything online but look at it as buying Slugger a pint. At the moment we only get an average donation of only £15 a month in total, as you can imagine this is not much at all. So go on click here and give us a donation…

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