Photo of the day – Autumn leaves in Lurgan Park


Photo by  Mark Ferguson, Taken on October 18, 2014

 As the nights darken and the temperature drops we ready ourselves for winter. Mark’s lovely photo shows the leaves changing to brown, but also the simple pleasure of walking the dog.




  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    Good picture of a good view- felt a pity for Council workers / members of the public who were out today hosing the leaves with that new hand held blower they use- mind you- I felt a bigger pity for a man I saw in his garden with just a rake to remove his dead leaves-

  • carl marks

    Beautiful pic, where some see fallen leaves i see next year’s compost!

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Ahhh, the glisten of empty Bucky bottles in the early morning in a Lurgan park. America runs on Dunkin’. Lurgan runs on Bucky.