Photo of the day – Catalan Independence Protest At Belfast City Hall

catalan flag protests

Photo by Belfast Snapper  taken Saturday October the 4th 2014 

Flag protests are no stranger to City Hall but for variety here is one in support of Catalan independence.

Recently 1.8 million people took to the streets of Barcelona to demand independence, more than the entire population of Northern Ireland – impressive.


  • Ian James Parsley

    Impressive but faintly ludicrous. People really do need to grasp that “independence” is actually an irrelevant response to the real, underlying problems – ranging from incompetent politicians to the decreasing economic relevance globally of Europe (with the strains in living standards that inevitably entails).

    The situation in Spain – one side simply refusing to allow a vote and the other with no plan even if it won one – shows us that the UK really should be very proud of the exhibition of democracy we saw in Scotland last month, whatever its faults may have been.