Photo of the day – Lough Neagh at Sunset


An idyllic Photo of Lough Neagh by Charles Murray

Lough Neagh is the largest lake in Northern Ireland, supplying forty percent of its water; the biggest on the island of Ireland, the biggest by area in the United Kingdom, and the biggest by area in the British Isles.

With an area of 151 square miles (392 km2), it is the largest lake on the Island of Ireland, the fifteenth largest freshwater lake within the European Union and is ranked thirty-first in the List of largest lakes of Europe. Located twenty miles (30 km) to the west of Belfast, it is about twenty miles (30 km) long and nine miles (15 km) wide. It is very shallow around the margins and the average depth in the main body of the lake is about thirty feet (9 m), although at its deepest the lough is about 80 feet (25m) deep.

Of the 1,760 square miles (4,550 km2) catchment area, around nine percent lies in the Republic of Ireland and 91% in Northern Ireland; altogether 43% of the land area of Northern Ireland is drained into the lough, which itself flows out northwards to the sea via the River Bann. As one of its sources is the Upper Bann, the Lough can itself be considered as part of the Bann. (Source: wikipedia)