Why Sinn Fein would actually want to call a ‘friendly’ Border Poll now…

This is from Good Morning Ulster with a great take from our own Chris Donnelly on Sinn Fein’s motives for calling a border poll the day after the Independence referendum result in Scotland was announced..

  1. to keep the issue of a united Ireland at the centre of political discourse in Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein fear a normalisation of politics at Stormont.
  2. with a buoyant position in the south and dominance in the north a border poll would force other nationalist parties to take unification more seriously to reawaken an island wide unity movement beyond the ranks of Sinn Fein.
  3. it would very clearly be accepted by nationalists that this would be a dry run, this is a friendly, this isn’t the main match so there wouldn’t be the same pressures on people to think long and hard about it because they know it would be lost and therefore it would be more of a call to reaffirm an aspiration.

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