Quite correct Gerry, “Sinn Féin is not the problem” (for Fine Gael)…

Next time you hear someone from Sinn Fein going on about the unreliability of the Independent Group of Newspapers, nod sagely in agreement and put this statement from Party President Gerry Adams at them…

That the Taoiseach would determine junior Ministries on how they might impact on Sinn Féin merely highlights the fact that the Government still doesn’t get the message delivered by the voters.

And the source for this ‘story’ Gerry? None other than the hated (or at least ‘they hate us’) and misbriefed Irish Independent Newspaper

Mr Kenny is expected to appoint as many as three new junior ministers from the greater Dublin area as he prepares to drop some of the “deadwood on the ministerial benches”. Sinn Fein romped home in Dublin in the locals. The void of ministers has to be addressed as a matter of urgency,” said a Fine Gael strategist.

In the event, it was non event. Fine Gael promoted Damien English, Dara Murphy, Joe McHugh, Simon Harris, and Paudie Coffey, all of whom have big fights on their hands, but not with Sinn Fein.

The only Dublin promotion was moving Paschal Donohoe in from Europe to replace Leo Varadkar at Transport, Tourism and Sport, which is as likely to have been done on the grounds of competence as any need to defend the party’s single seat in Dublin Central.

But it all goes to big up the party’s profile, even if you need the help of the Indo to do it.

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