Welcome to the new Slugger website!

Hi folks, I have been working with Mick to revamp the site. Don’t panic: we have kept the general look and feel of the site. The changes are mostly under the bonnet.

New features include:

Responsive design: the site will now scale to your screen, so you can now easily read slugger on your mobile.

New comments system: the old system was getting extremely difficult to manage, so we have switched over to disqus to power the comments. Disqus has some nice features:

  • You can login with your Facebook/google/twitter id
  • You can reply to specific comments
  • You can vote comments up and down

All your existing comments on the site are still there but you will need to register with disqus to put up new comments. Once you register, disqus will recognise your email address and link all your previous comments to your new disqus account. You can keep using your existing slugger username.

Notes for contributors: you now login to the site via the login link on the menu.

Google site search: we now use google to power the search. This makes it extremely fast.

Get posts by email: you can now get new posts emailed to you. Just enter your email in the box on the side bar on the right.

Please do let us know what you think of the new site, and please tell us if you find any bugs.

Known bugs:

Sometimes the comment numbers have different styling or wording, we are looking into it.