David McNarry MLA and his poetic approach to the Minister for Culture…

David McNarry and poetry. Two things I never thought I’d put in one sentence. He pulls it off quite well, and she was clearly charmed… [Yes, but did it work? – Ed] Ah be quiet, and just live in the moment for once…


  • yeah I enjoyed it.
    Might have been better if the question had been privately “notified” to the Minister and she could have maybe replied with a poem herself.
    Its a HUMAN moment and theres not enough of them …at least not in public.
    Stormont…and the legacy there…..difficult place for some people to be “human”
    maybe it is some kind of generational advance.
    Personally I find the discovery that other people who have different politics to me, are actually human….I find that uncomfortable.

    One message I have picked up from talking to people who are familiar with Stormont is that the “nicest” politicians are not necessarily the ones you expect.
    Throw into conversation that a politician is a “nasty piece of work” and you might get the answer that he is a decent bloke who would give you the shirt off his back.
    Or throw in that someone is “nice” and you might get a surprising answer.

    Im genuinely not sure whether I prefer the Informality to the Formality.
    We have too much unfinished business.
    I prefer Conviction to Consensus.
    (Dennis Skinner is my role model).
    The great danger is that people just get sucked into the clubbable atmosphere of the Stormont Members Tea Room and banter with the journalists.
    When I am elected, I will stay in my Stormont office all day, only emerging to shout insults at people.

  • zep

    ‘I prefer conviction to consensus’

    You’ll love our MLAs then, convictions all round 😉

  • Apparently the ones with convictions are the nicest.
    But a serious point.
    Im no unionist but watching Spotlight last night it struck me that anything more than formality is inappropriate.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Jesus. Spare me.

  • Ruarai