[Late] Friday thread: What is a community?

When should politicians and media use the term ‘community’?

In this animated feature, Anthropologist Dominic Bryan talks to 6th form students about how ‘community’ is understood in Northern Ireland:

Are there more responsible ways to refer to social groups? Is community necessarily a good thing?

Comments are welcome around these issues.

  • You can hear Dominic expand on this and other topics in the free online course from Queen’s on ‘Identity, conflict and public space’. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/QubMoocs

  • aquifer

    A useful distinction between identity groups, which we know all about, and the general notion of community. But here even the general idea of people living and interacting together is compromised by the extent to which housing and education is segregated.

    The identity groups fight every election on the issue of the constitution.

    So where does that leave other communities of interest?

    The constitution is not an issue relating directly to geographic parliamentary constituencies, so the tug of war that passes for local politics does not need elections arranged on this basis.

    The effect of slicing and dicing the electorate into area constituencies is to ensure that other constituencies of interest remain largely unrepresented.

    A fully NI wide system of proportional representation could help ensure that politics does not remain the preserve of people who believe that identity is worth killing for.

    PRSTV is an odd relic.