Friday Thread: The Struggle for Esteem?

Can we make ourselves feel good without making others feel bad? Political philosopher, Cillian McBride, explores this question with people from Tiger’s Bay, a Loyalist community in North Belfast. He talks to them about bonfires, flags and parading, and the challenges posed by cultural practices that neighbouring communities can experience as hostile gestures. He suggests we think about these issues in terms of a struggle for social recognition – a feature that is common among all individuals and societies. Dead_Air_Radiomedia … Read more

[Late] Friday thread: What is a community?

When should politicians and media use the term ‘community’? In this animated feature, Anthropologist Dominic Bryan talks to 6th form students about how ‘community’ is understood in Northern Ireland: Are there more responsible ways to refer to social groups? Is community necessarily a good thing? Comments are welcome around these issues. Dead_Air_Radiomedia mogul based in Belfast – check out

Rioting: Northern Ireland Street Theatre

As the violence over flags inevitably wanes, debates over the legitimacy of loyalist actions will continue. What will be obscured in the discussion is a key feature of rioting in Northern Ireland – namely that it is a controlled performance and creative spectacle. A burning car in the middle of the road is a striking scene, whether watched in delight or disgust. Petrol bombs hang in the air like Chinese Lanterns; fireworks and police vans light up the night sky; … Read more