Ever been at a Taytoff? (Yep, well, seems we ‘nordies’ lost the very first away fixture)

It’s A Taytoff. Ireland has a single, but highly partitioned (like the island itself) brand of potato crisp most of us love (and most of the rest of the world could not care less about):


And here, courtesy of Bodger, is the result:

Taytoff the result

[We was robbed!]

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  • This is the kinda thing that the Norn Iron Life and Times Survey never tells us.
    A good day to be a nationalist.

  • Sp12

    Northern Tayto is franchised Southern Tayto, but a wee bit more bitter.
    King crisps uber alles.

  • Dec

    Slightly off topic but I do miss Rancheros.

  • Mick Fealty

    When you have lived among the foreigner for as long as I have you begin to realise there’s something in the recipe that those who’ve never been weaned on it, simply cannot abide.

    Of course ours was never going to go down well with punters in the Free State. Return leg, Bodger?

  • I hate onions (long story involving a wicked witch aunt) but I could never get enough of Tayto’s Cheese and Onion.

  • I’m a Prawn Cocktail man myself….but I miss Lamb and Mint sauce.
    Tomato Sauce flavour…cant get that anymore either.

  • Mc Slaggart

    Hunky Dorys are the only crisp sold in Tyrone…..

  • sherdy

    I think the better flavour of the Southern crisps is due to the fact that the farmers down there use holy water for irrigating their crisps.

  • lpoezy

    Tayto is the best!

  • boondock

    Life and Times survey shows 8 out of 10 prefer the Ulster crisp*

    *5 people were surveyed
    *Survey conducted at random location – Tandragee castle

  • Droch_Bhuachaill

    Do yeeuns up north have a taste for Tayto Sandwiches?

    mmmm, White Bread, Kerrygold and Cheese n Onion…..the breakfast of champions…

    Serious question: is the change in packaging down to the fact that the free statyos have the union jack colours on them?

  • boondock

    Good man Droch there is no subject in Northern Ireland where we cant crow bar a good fleg argument into and hears a story that will no doubt have Frazer and his fleggers foaming at the mouth.


  • Droch_Bhuachaill

    Didn’t you know boondock that twas the IRA what put the free state taytos into the union jack? taytolly unacceptable so it is

  • sitarman

    Our Mr Tayto looks better! All together now… ‘We’re not McCoys, we’re Tayto Northern Irrrreeland!…’

  • Rombustious

    The regular packs, North and South, have MSG (monosodium glutamate) in them. More expensive, larger, packs may not but you have to check. Did the South win because it had more?

    How appropriate that a symbol of home for emigrants and a national icon should be dodgy crisps! Ah, that home-grown taste of MSG…..

  • MSG is a natural product and most processed food contains it. It\s what causes the umami taste. You can eat handfuls of it and it will please you and cause you no harm. Top world chefs use it. Read all about it in last October’s Wired magazine.

  • Rory Carr

    mmmm, White Bread, Kerrygold and Cheese n Onion…..the breakfast of champions…

    Regarding Kerrygold – before Christmas, after testing borderline diabetic, I lost 35lbs in under 8 weeks on a high fat/low carb diet + 1 day a week total fast (water & black or green tea only). Result – all signs for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. extremely healthy. My only disappointment was, although I had 3″ off my waist I wanted to see it reduce even more. I asked my GP what to do and he said, “Fight fat with fat.” Butter is best, he said, but it must be Kerrygold because only Kerrygold is made with milk from totally grass-fed cows (no grains). I should add that he is not Irish but Indian and that the advice is supported by good investigation.

    Check out “high fat/low carb” for yourselves. It has made such a benefit to my life.

  • ayeYerMa

    I made a point of trying the Stater variety the last time I was at the Aviva. Far too burnt a taste for my liking.