Aventas: “These scandalous attacks orchestrated by a small group of criminals and their equally criminal sponsors…”

As the BBC reports,

Lagan Cement Group has suffered damage of more than 1m euros (£820,000) in three separate attacks.

The attacks followed the announcement that Lagan was buying, subject to approval, Rooftiles in County Fermanagh from the Aventas Group.

The arson attacks at Lisburn, County Antrim, Comber, County Down, and Carrigtwohill, County Cork, are reported to have occurred since the Feb 4 announcement of the sale of Rooftiles, which is based in Derrylin, to the Lagan Group.

The Aventas Group statement is included in the BBC report

Aventas linked the “scandalous attacks” to similar attacks on their property.

In a statement the company said: “These scandalous attacks orchestrated by a small group of criminals and their equally criminal sponsors are directly connected to similar attacks on Aventas property over a lengthy period of time.

“These criminals seem to think that a continuation of such activity will somehow intimidate the current owners of these businesses into reinstating the former owner, which is very much misjudged.” [added emphasis]

Aventas is the new name for the former Quinn group of companies, which collapsed in 2011.

An Irish News report today has the statement from the Lagan Group

In a statement the company said it “wishes to highlight and publicly condemn the outrageous attacks”, adding that there was “no justification for acts of wanton vandalism against the company.”

“We believe these attacks are related to Lagan Cement Group Limited’s recent announcement to acquire the Quinn Rooftiles business in Derrylin, Co Fermanagh, thereby safeguarding employment for workers employed at the plant.”

The BBC report adds

Lagan Cement condemned the “outrageous attacks” and said: “As an indigenous Irish company, Lagan is committed to providing long-term, quality employment for workers at all its localities.”

“There is no justification for acts of wanton vandalism against the company and these will not be tolerated.”

The company said it was co-operating with police in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The attacks on premises formerly owned by the Quinn Group have continued since the appointment of a share receiver and the removal of Seán Quinn as chairman in April 2011, including this recent attack in Derrylin.

During that time there have been demonstrations and statements of support for Seán Quinn, some more short-lived than others

But, with the Quinn family featuring in the witness box of another, related, court case, a timely reminder of some facts about the Quinn bankruptcy – “Sean Quinn didn’t invest in Anglo Irish Bank, he bet on it“.

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  • cynic2

    What a strange set of events

    Why would any “organisation” be so outraged that they would want the Quinn family back and attack companies rescuing all those jobs?

    What do the British and Irish governments say about attacks on inward investors or local companies trying to bring prosperity and jobs?

    Who could their “sponsors” be?

    Just what is going on among the dreary steeples and what interest do those groups have in the company?

  • wild turkey

    ‘What a strange set of events’

    Cynic2. could not have put it better myself.

    being a simple man, i like simple stories.

    on this crazy windy evening, its a toss-up whether to put Millers Crossing or Godfather II on the DVD

    with respect to this ongoing Quinn saga and its myriad and mysterious players, my stance is also simple. why not piss down all their throats?

  • son of sam

    I’m sure we all look forward to swift expressions of condemnation from all those G A A “celebrities ” who attended the various rallies in support of Sean Quinn!

  • The Mafia here in Canada, more specifically in Quebec and Ontario are reputed to have a “significant interest” in the cement industry with builders thus having to pay an outrageous price for cement. Couldn’t be worldwide, could it?

  • aquifer

    “the former owner”

    Would be the guy who took the assets out of Quinn insurance and has left all Irish policyholders paying into the national protection scheme in perpetuity?

    With patriots like that we don’t need the English back to exploit us.

  • streetlegal

    British Intelligence reports have pointed up the close links between the Quinns and leading members of Provisional Sinn Fein in Fermanagh.

  • babyface finlayson

    “Couldn’t be worldwide, could it?”
    Possibly, but there is no concrete evidence.

  • cynic2

    The Italian Mafia are into concrete in a big way too

    Concrete shoes perhaps?

    But it i still strange – companies come in and save jobs suddenly find themselves under attack.

    And the local MP stays silent (so far as I can tell)

    And the local MLAs stay silent despite the potential impact on jobs.Who now would ever save a Fermanagh firm?

    Why? Are the frightened? Do they support this?

    If this was in Kerry or Wales or Glasgow it would be all over the media – yet here there is a pall of silence? Why?

  • wild turkey

    “If this was in Kerry or Wales or Glasgow it would be all over the media – yet here there is a pall of silence? Why?”

    ah, it’s called managing your investment portfolio. and occasionally in this pristine jurisdiction, the media is merely the marketing dept.

    working at behest of The Firm

    Perhaps Kerry or Wales or Glasgow are different in this respect? i do not know

  • “Sean Quinn didn’t invest in Anglo Irish Bank, he bet on it“.

    Don’t be found out to be a right fool and useful eejit and suggest that there is any difference in a bet and an investment in a rank bank.

    Haven’t you yet realised that all markets are insider rigged and not free to find their rightful place in the Great Game scheme of things? Such is the perverse corrupt norm.

    And one only has to think of the failed banking system rescue which allows continued milking and bilking of the money and politically incorrect and inept systems with crazy printing of currency and fabulous fund transfers to itself and head conspirators, to know that be perfectly true and not a falsehood, whilst y’all are led to believe there be no money readily available for anything*

    Money doesn’t disappear, it just gets simply transferred [behind a gobbledygook screen of inventive shell operations and dodgy debt obligations designed to hide the laundering and ponzi frauds] into other personal accounts, for all accounts are controlled by key signatories/valued personnel, and thus effectively are glorified private current accounts for big-time, great time and Great Game players.

    So who be the biggest fools in the swim of such an ocean of tools?

    You or them?

    Oh, and as for British Intelligence, street legal, [who posted on 13 February 2014 at 11:53 am …. British Intelligence reports have pointed up the close links between the Quinns and leading members of Provisional Sinn Fein in Fermanagh.] ….. they allow all of that which has them extraordinarily self rendered as considerably less that they are perceived of as being and assumed and presumed to be supplying.

    More cuckold than commander in matters of control, methinks, be their rightful place in these postmodern time with cyberspace environments in remote semi-anonymous charge via virtual memes and means.

    But I suppose Palace Barracks are working on trying to reverse that decline with stealthy alternative shows of novel secret leadership their goal [and Future AIMission], which is surely the ultimate spooks raison d’être, is it not? It is certainly something they be up against and will encounter if they be active and enabled in the field/Live Operational Virtual Environment.

    Whether though they can be thought classified able and HyperRadioProActive is quite another matter altogether which only resulting performances tell.

    * A lie which bites both the idiot and fools in the ass at every opportunity ….. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/feb/14/floods-washing-away-founding-logic-david-cameron-government