Quinn Group: “The perpetrators of this attack have been behind a series of incidents…”

RTÉ has a short interview with the Chief Executive of Quinn Group, Paul O’Brien, in the aftermath of an arson attack at his home in Ratoath, County Meath.  It’s the latest incident in an ongoing campaign of serious vandalism targeted at the Quinn Group since the appointment of a share receiver and the removal of Seán Quinn as chairman in April this year.

From the RTÉ report

[Paul O’Brien] urged Mr Quinn to come out and publicly condemn the attacks and added that he would not be intimidated by those involved.

Mr O’Brien said he believed the attacks were orchestrated to try to get the current management out.

He was speaking on RTÉ Radio after cars and part of his house were damaged in an arson attack at his home in Ratoath, Co Meath, on Monday night.

And from the BBC report

In a statement the Quinn Group said it totally condemned what was in effect “a terrorist attack” on the home and property of its chief executive.

“The perpetrators of this attack have been behind a series of incidents aimed at damaging Quinn Group property and machinery.

“The incidents began almost immediately after the appointment of a share receiver to the group last April and the removal of Sean Quinn as chairman.”


The Quinn Group statement said Mr O’Brien had worked hard to protect jobs at the company and the personal nature of the “cowardly attack” represented a “serious crossing of the line”.

“All of the incidents which have taken place since April are clearly aimed at destabilising the group’s businesses and putting the livelihoods of thousands of Quinn workers at risk,” it added.

Listen to the short interview with Paul O’Brien on RTÉ’s News at One here.

[Paul O’Brien (about 2min 40 sec in)] “First of all I’d say I have some very clear thoughts as to who is orchestrating these activities.  But I need to be very careful with my comments for security reasons for my family.  I would say, however, that the incidents have taken place in the immediate aftermath of the share receiver being appointed on 14 April which resulted in Seán Quinn losing control of the shareholding of the business and also removal as chairman.”

Although it’s worth noting that according to a previous BBC report

Mr Quinn said those responsible were not acting in his name and called for them to cease.

Police Service of Northern Ireland Chief Inspector Sue Steen said Mr Quinn had made these comments to her at a recent meeting.

Update  From a new BBC report

Sean Quinn, the group’s former owner, has unequivocally condemned the attacks.

“I wish to state in the most categoric terms that I have no knowledge whatsoever of any unlawful acts in relation to individuals or property associated with the Quinn Group other than what I have read in the media,” he added.

And  The RTÉ report has the rest of Seán Quinn’s statement

‘Several weeks ago I spoke with a Chief Inspector of the PSNI in relation to the reported acts of sabotage surrounding the Quinn Group.

‘I stated, in clear and unequivocal terms, that persons carrying out such acts were not acting in my name and requested them to cease.

‘These comments were widely reported by the BBC at the time and repeated again yesterday.’