Your contributions to Slugger’s Old Year/New Year Playlist?

I thought it would be fun to do something playful in the wake of another difficult year in the life of Northern Ireland. So I thought we could build a notional playlist of NI related songs…

So your [#OldYear] starter for ten, is Stiff Little Fingers cover of a Bob Marley song…

Just post a link with a few words why and I’ll try and get in after and convert to an embed? Feel free to post more than one, but give other’s a chance to get their own in before you post a second and third?


  • I cant do links….but can I suggest Boney M “Belfast”.

    Slightly bizarre song and I dont really like it but I only recall it for one reason.

    In July 1980, I was in Moscow and went up to Red Square on my own. Overwhelming experience in the days of the old USSR. Standing around, I heard this “Belfast” blast out from an Italian couples Ghetto Blaster (did we call them that then???).

    Anyway it was oddly comforting and the three of us stood there busting some moves in Red Square.

  • Mick Fealty

    Half the trick is getting a decent recording FJH, just put the raw link in and I’ll fix it in due course?

    Also might be good to tag them #oldyear and #newyear?

  • streetlegal

    How about this one for Richard Haass …

  • Alias

    I think Fats Domino’s version of Blueberry Hill is one of the greatest popular songs ever recorded. The pared down simplicity and beauty of the wistful and melancholy lyrics even seem to relate to recent events:

    “The wind in the willow played
    Love’s sweet melody
    But all of those vows we made
    Were never to be”

    It’s not a song for a New Year’s Eve party unless you’re winding it down.

  • Coleraine’s Clive Culberston and The Sweat with a few apt words:

    “You were on the gravy train, take me for a ride
    But tell me, why did you have to lie?”

  • “Listen to the words I say” –

    – where you can find monsters and men any day!

  • A must include is The Times they are a changing. On further thought, maybe need a cover – The times are never changing.

  • Mick Fealty

    This from the kitchen of Slugger Central:

    Chain, chain, chain
    (Chain, chain, chain)
    Chain, chain, chain
    (Chain, chain, chain)
    Chain, chain, chain
    (Chain, chain, chain)
    Chain of fools.

  • Mick Fealty

    I take it as read we are riffing off OldYear, when it gets past midnight, can you mark it as oldyear or newyear? If we have enough, then we can set up a couple of playlists on YouTube.

  • Mick Fealty

    Just found this from Warren Zevon (once something to do with the Everley Bros, I think):

    The eternal Thompson Gunner
    Still wanderin through the night
    Now it’s ten years later
    But he still keeps up the fight
    In Ireland, In Lebanon
    In Palestine and Berkley

  • As Richard might have said to Meghan:

    “Can I get there by candlelight? Or is it much too far?”

    …the late David McWilliams, Ballycastle singer/songwriter

  • John Ó Néill

    +1 for Johnny Was, but this should be the Slugger anthem (if such a thing was to exist):

    Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh.

  • Mick Fealty

    Courtesy of Ray Davis, the first 2014 track…

    Well that’s the way that I want it to stay
    And I always want it to be that way for my Lola
    La-la-la-la Lola
    Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
    It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola
    La-la-la-la Lola

  • Shibboleth

    A nice instrumental acoustic guitar to quieten down to – “County Down” by Phil Keaggy (a great American guitarist)

  • Alias

    This is a live version of Leonard Cohen’s The Story of Isaac recorded for the BBC in 1966. Cohen changed the lyric from this (dirge) version when he released the song on his second album ‘Songs from a Room’ in 1969.

    “You who build these altars now
    To sacrifice these children,
    You must not do it anymore.
    A scheme is not a vision
    And you never have been tempted
    By a demon or a god.

    You who stand above them now,
    Your hatchets blunt and bloody,
    You were not there before.
    When I lay upon a mountain
    And my father’s hand was trembling
    With the beauty of The Word.”

    While it pre-dates the Provos and so-called dissidents, it rejects an ilk that seeks to justify its crimes against others by citing the authority of a bogus creed or by falsely comparing them to events that preceded them. And stripped of that false grandeur, what is such ilk other than killers with “hatchets blunt and bloody”?

  • Sp12

    Well, we know where we’re goin’
    But we don’t know where we’ve been
    And we know what we’re knowin’
    But we can’t say what we’ve seen

    And we’re not little children
    And we know what we want
    And the future is certain
    Give us time to work it out

  • Mick Fealty

    Did I disappoint you?
    Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?
    You act like you never had love
    And you want me to go without

    Well it’s too late tonight
    To drag the past out into the light
    We’re one but we’re not the same
    We get to carry each other, carry each other

  • Am Ghobsmacht


    BRILLIANT choice old bean!

    My own (now inadequate) suggestion would be one that takes into account the hopefully fruitless violence of fleggerism and its consequences:

    ‘I fought the law’ by the Clash (well, Sonny Curtiss)

  • Am Ghobsmacht


    if you’re open to having a dig at the religious backdrop then try this for size:


    I am the one, orgasmatron the outstretched grasping hand
    My image is of agony, my servants rape the land
    Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain
    Two thousand years of misery of torture in my name
    Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law
    My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore….

    Not everyone’s cup of tea though.

  • arsetopple

    ” Still tryin to reach the future through the past”

  • BarneyT

    “whats the madda you…ah shadapa your face” …..can be directed at so many

  • Tochais Síoraí

    At the sickbed of Cú Chulainn we’ll kneel and say a prayer

    And the ghosts are rattling at the door and the devil’s in the chair