#WillieFrazer dresses as Abu Hamza for court





















Sometimes, there just aren’t words (and no, I’ve no idea who Jamie Bryson is dressed as).

Certainly, Newt thinks he has a point:



This is Willie’s own take on his motives for the ‘protest’ (as reported by UTV).

“Basically I’m here to make a point.

“The law that they [the authorities] are trying to charge me with was brought out to deal with extreme Muslims, who are preaching hate and bitterness on the streets of the United Kingdom, calling for the beheading of British soldiers and infidels as they call them” he alleged.

“Who do they charge? The first man charged in the United Kingdom is a protestant from Northern Ireland,” he claimed.

“There is something seriously wrong with the legal system. This was a good law – but the police have made a mockery of it and it’s an utter and total disgrace.

“And that’s what I’m here to do – to make that point.”

Ultimately, the point that seems to be being lost on a few people here is the connection between Frazer’s own behaviour and “preaching hate and bitterness on the streets”.

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