#WillieFrazer dresses as Abu Hamza for court





















Sometimes, there just aren’t words (and no, I’ve no idea who Jamie Bryson is dressed as).

Certainly, Newt thinks he has a point:



This is Willie’s own take on his motives for the ‘protest’ (as reported by UTV).

“Basically I’m here to make a point.

“The law that they [the authorities] are trying to charge me with was brought out to deal with extreme Muslims, who are preaching hate and bitterness on the streets of the United Kingdom, calling for the beheading of British soldiers and infidels as they call them” he alleged.

“Who do they charge? The first man charged in the United Kingdom is a protestant from Northern Ireland,” he claimed.

“There is something seriously wrong with the legal system. This was a good law – but the police have made a mockery of it and it’s an utter and total disgrace.

“And that’s what I’m here to do – to make that point.”

Ultimately, the point that seems to be being lost on a few people here is the connection between Frazer’s own behaviour and “preaching hate and bitterness on the streets”.

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  • Comrade Stalin

    For the sake of balance I should point out that the formal position of the SDLP and Sinn Féin years ago was the same – the police cannot be trusted because they’re full of Prods.

  • FDM

    There are large problems with what DC writes.

    I think the most tangible problem being “the words”.

    I like the words themselves but I don’t think DC is necessarily putting them in the right order, as an analogy to what Eric Morcambe once quipped to Andre Preview [Previn].

    In short they make no sense when juxtapositioned beside what most of society call “reality”.

    DC’s points are blatantly sectarian [they are written for themmuns to be insulted] and do not actually survive even the most cosmetic of inspections.

    The police have been incredibly restrained in their dealing with the peaceful rioters also known as fleggers. If it were my decision I assure you that the violent fleggers and even the non-violent law breakers would be sitting clapped-in-irons in the cells of a refurbished prison hulk in the bay.

    This week we have the drug-dealing loyalist UVF and their supporters closing ranks after trying to murder a girl who they are attempting to scapegoat to cover their on tracks.

    An evil, illegal and fully operational UVF organisation that no doubt DC trooped out to fleg wave for in April this year. You can of course deny that if you like DC.

    Loyalism and orangeism are a cancer on this society. They are decadent philosophies of hate that have no place in the second decade of the 3rd millennium.

  • Fortlands

    I think Willie looks much more dignified and, um, handsome dressed as Abu Hamza. Although I’m less impressed by the clothes hanger…

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    “Willie Frazer Abú?”

    Oh, wait a minute…

  • Greenflag

    @ DC ,

    Merkel has always been like that -nothing to do with the rest of Europe . In any event the Germans don’t need to wave flags . They just wave the cash and then all roads lead to Berlin from Athens etc .

    The poor sods in Belfast don’t wave cash -They haven’t any or very little . If they had they’d be living on the Gold Coast .

    As for “Dieu et Mon Droit ”

    I thought the Norman Conquest finished a while back even before 1690 ;)?

  • DC

    Merkel has always been like that -nothing to do with the rest of Europe

    Not true and you know it – i heard that merkel, a wagner fan, her interest in opera spurred by her husband’s, decided to leave a wagner opera at the Gotterdammerung scene.

    Scene details, below from wiki:

    The Rhinemaidens are the first and the last characters seen in the four-opera cycle, appearing both in the opening scene of Das Rheingold, and in the final climactic spectacle of Götterdämmerung, when they rise from the Rhine waters to reclaim the ring from Brünnhilde’s ashes.

    Same thing as the german flag, paranoid about how she would look cheering on the rhinemaidens getting their money back while others have gone to shit.