Belfast No 2 District wants to try again: #Ardoyne

Belfast No. 2 District have now applied to parade along the same section that they walked last Friday morning, but were restricted from in the evening. Presumably, they now feel suitably fortified with the Assembly’s motion on the Parade’s Commission’s ‘illogical determination’ in their hip pocket, despite the fact that, due to AK47 NI21 not supporting the motion, it didn’t even win the support of all unionists.

Since it was Belfast No.2 District that were involved last Friday, I am sure the Parades Commission will not have noticed everyone singing the Famine Song at the end. However, we have yet to hear from local DUP MLA, William Humphreys on whether lads from Divis had infiltrated the crowd and started the singing.

Either way, the residents of Twaddell Avenue look set to get another disrupted evening.

[UPDATE] 18.7.13 The Parades Commission have just issued their determination which is identical to that issued for the 12th July parade in relation to not permitting the parade to pass the section from Woodvale Parade to Hesketh Road. Oddly, various loyalist sources were erroneously claiming on Twitter that it had been agreed that the parade was to be allowed on this section:

That has subsequently been retracted (obviously) but it won’t have eased tensions.