“this Assembly notes the lawful but illogical determination issued by the Parades Commission…”

As the BBC reports, the Northern Ireland Assembly has rejected a tabled Sinn Féin amendment, and supported the DUP’s original motion on the recent north Belfast determination of the Parades Commission by 43 votes to 42 – here’s the Commission’s earlier defence of that decision.  And here’s the resolved text from the NI Assembly

That this Assembly notes the lawful but illogical determination issued by the Parades Commission on 9 July 2013 in relation to the application by the three Ligoniel Orange Lodges for a parade in Belfast on 12 July 2013; further notes the consequences of the determination and its outworking in that attempts to build a shared future have been harmed by the actions of those who oppose the concept of sharing space and respecting cultural identity; and calls, not only for the rule of law to be upheld, but also for respect and tolerance to be shown for everyone’s cultural identity.

And, from the BBC report

Addressing MLAs, First Minister Peter Robinson called for the debate to be carried out in a “measured way” because of the “tension” and “volatility” of the situation.

He condemned the violence over the weekend and said those involved in attacking police officers should be in jail.

The first minister said the Parades Commission had got it “completely wrong” and said its decision had been made for “political reasons”.

Mr Robinson said an all-party group had been set up with the “purpose of agreeing an alternative to the Parades Commission”.

That would be the ‘all-party’ group announced in May – with 3 representatives from the DUP, 3 from Sinn Féin and 2 each from the other 3 Executive parties.  Now to be chaired by Richard Haass…