Wither Robinson’s catholic outreach as DUP Leader stands with UVF Famine Song band

In what has clearly been a well choreographed move, unionist politicians, Loyal Orders’ representatives and loyalist flute bands have united to condemn the Parades Commission on the day loyalist bands decided to openly breach the Parades Commission determination regarding a controversial loyalist parade past St Patrick’s Church on Donegall Street in Belfast.

The decision of Peter Robinson to sign the letter- published in the Irish News (p6) today- is noteworthy given that the DUP Leader is on record as claiming to want to spread unionism’s message beyond the confines of the Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist community.

Quite how Peter expects to so do whilst taking such a public stand in favour of the sectarian bigots in the Young Conway Volunteers Flute Band who were captured playing The Famine Song outside of St Patrick’s Church (before loyalists attacked the cameraman) is perhaps something that someone in the media might get around to asking the First Minister.

Given that the YCV band was banned from taking this route, can we now expect a series of arrests and charges?