Dublin High Court grants CAB €600,000 judgement against convicted Provisional IRA man

Back in 2010, in an update on convictions resulting from Operation Phoenix – “Northern Bank robbery – redux” – I noted.

Then-30-year-old Don Bullman was arrested at Heuston Station in Dublin in February 2005 with a red Daz washing powder box containing more than €94,000.

Bullman was described in the 2005 report noted earlier as “a chef and fundraiser for Sinn Féin”.  He was eventually charged with membership of the IRA.

Two men from Londonderry arrested with Bullman were released without charge at the time.

In March 2007 Don Bullman was sentenced to 4 years for membership of the IRA and, after his appeal was dismissed in 2009, he was released from prison in March of this year (2010) [scroll down].

Yesterday the Belfast Telegraph reported that

The High Court in Dublin has now granted a judgment to the Republic’s Criminal Assets Bureau for more than €600,000 [£522,000] for what was described as Revenue debts following an investigation into his [Don Bullman’s] financial affairs.

The court heard that bureau officers probed Bullman’s tax assessments from 1999 to 2004. Their assessment of Bullman’s financial position was subsequently affirmed on appeal. The High Court was told that the bureau had collected some money but significant debts were still outstanding.

But they’re probably “a front for the MI5” too…