#CATNI: Empowering Communities – Asset Transfer in Northern Ireland

Tomorrow we will mostly be live blogging and digitallunching in Crumlin Road Gaol. The focus is unremittingly going to be on policy, and probably of most immediate interest to Stormont insiders is the question of whether there needs to be a legislative framework to allow for set arrangements for floating assets from the state to local communities.

Currently the arrangements are what the organisers of tomorrow’s event call ‘fluid’. As we’ve noted several times on Slugger, Stormont’s legislative processes are not the quickest, and there actually may be no need for anything formal. Part of the purpose for tomorrow’s sessions will be ask the voluntary sector to articulate what it wants from any such project.

The second theme of the day will revolve around more technical issues around planning and business development. And the third theme will look at the opportunities that more short term ‘meanwhile’ uses can provide for the community and voluntary sectors.

I’ve been asked to run a live blog for the event, which will culminate in a digital lunch at 1pm tomorrow. For the most part we’ll be grabbing hotseating speakers and others from the event.

If you want to know more, or if you have any questions, just hit the comment zone or event better, use the hashtag #CATNI (Community Assets Transfer) on Twitter and you’ll appear directly in the live blog… Usual Slugger rules apply!

To take part, you can join us from the GooglePlus Event page from about 12.30 onwards…