#CATNI: Empowering Communities – Asset Transfer in Northern Ireland

Tomorrow we will mostly be live blogging and digitallunching in Crumlin Road Gaol. The focus is unremittingly going to be on policy, and probably of most immediate interest to Stormont insiders is the question of whether there needs to be a legislative framework to allow for set arrangements for floating assets from the state to local communities. Currently the arrangements are what the organisers of tomorrow’s event call ‘fluid’. As we’ve noted several times on Slugger, Stormont’s legislative processes are … Read more

#CATJRF: Scoil an Droichid and the downside of asset transfer?

In case anyone was under the impression that community asset transfer is being pushed here as a panacea for all ills and all occasions then what Scoil an Droichid are currently going through should serve as a dire warning of some of the risks involved. It’s not that the school is not in general terms viable. But that the original transfer of the asset (back in 2001) according to Simon Doyle writing on the front page of todays Irish News, … Read more