Willie calls off the Dublin protest…

News Letter have Willie Fraser’s statement:

After very constructive communication’s with the Garda Siochana I can confirm that we will now be travelling down on a date in the near future to discuss our many concerns around IRA collusion and many other issue’s.

“I will keep you all informed as to when this meeting will now take place. This will be a very welcome day when we as concerned Ulster citizens and victims of the IRA will be given the opportunity to have our concerns addressed in the atmosphere of a formal meeting.

“I also wish to go on record as welcoming the recognition of the Garda Siochana as to our right to peaceful protest in Dublin and the accommodating measures they were putting in place for us the protesters and concerned citizens of Ulster,” said Mr Frazer who has also been involved with the newly formed Ulster People’s Forum over the ongoing flags protests.

Perhaps wiser counsel prevailed? Adds: Maybe not!


  • Pint of Plain

    Oh, Willie, you’re depriving us of what would’ve been a great piece of street theatre – much needed in these austere times.

    Perhaps his head is hurting trying to figure out what happened at the Kasmiri border yesterday?

  • Kevsterino

    I wonder if anyone informed him he would have to bring his own Tricolour as none would be flying on the date scheduled for his wee protest?

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear he thinks well of the guards.

  • galloglaigh

    I wonder will the Gardai show him any files on Bertie?

  • Sp12

    Can we please stop pretending the man has any credibility with 99% of NI protestants let alone the rest of the isles. Having a youtube channel where you interview yourself and dyslexia is not news worthy. He is not the ‘brains’ behind the flag protests, and all the facebook pictures and photoshop abortions in the world won’t change that.

  • BarneyT

    Now I don’t consider myself to be a literary genius, far from it, but is his statement lacking or deliberately vague.

    It is nice to see that he is extending his remit to Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan when discussing the Ulster folk’s plight.

    Has the right to protest been granted and accepted as entitled citizens of the Republic of Ireland?

    The cross-border and all-Ireland backdrop to these discussions and protests is commendable

  • Carsons Cat

    I’m just now awaiting Willie releasing a statement condemning his own u-turn and castigating himself as a despicable Lundy who clearly cannot be trusted to lead the Protestant people of Ulster.

    Bowing to the forces of the Irish Republic… what would the protestors think????

  • David Crookes

    Well done, sir, and thanks. More of the same, please!

  • forthman

    ‘The grand old duke of York, he had 150 men…..’ At least Paisley could muster 500 up that hill in Antrim!! Willie was on sky news today, and local radio here in the west yesterday…..basking in the limelight!

  • Greenflag

    Good man Willie a wise decision . No point in adding fuel to flames . Most of us know how your family suffered during the ‘troubles and while few will agree with your politics we can at least sympathise with the loss of family and friends .

    No need for any more loss of life or property damage anywhere on this island .There’s more than enough to do to fix the economies of both parts .

  • That’s not a statement from Wullie, it’s a statement from the FAIR chairman and from what I can see it was published by the Newsletter at 3.30pm. However Wullie was on live with Matt Cooper at 5pm and said the protest has not been called off.

  • forthman

    Oh lord…!

    That was a quick u-turn! And in true slugger style, I’ll let my imagination run away with me…….’Breaking news’….major split in the leadership of ‘Fair’….Is this a coup against the Frazer ego?

  • Sp12

    “That’s not a statement from Wullie, it’s a statement from the FAIR chairman and from what I can see it was published by the Newsletter at 3.30pm. However Wullie was on live with Matt Cooper at 5pm and said the protest has not been called off.”

    And at the 6:30 update Matt mentioned that the Garda want the interview tapes as Wullies new/old/whatever position is not the one he left the meeting with Garda ealier today with.

    The man’s a muppet.


    No surprise to anyone that willie has called of this publicity stunt which most people will realise was never going to go ahead in the first place.


    I agree to a certain extent that willie has little credibility however he seems to be being well received when he speaks at these protests, maybe hes the only one who can shout loud enough to be heard at them over the sound of knuckles dragging along the ground while he nakes up the wildest of claims and those listening are lapping it up as gospel.

  • JR

    I heard willy on the radio not half an hour ago saying the protest would definitely go ahead.



    I see oul willie is doing what he does best, says one thing, then the opposite then the opposite and basically whatever he wants and still some sheep will follow him.

  • michael-mcivor

    No matter how much Willie Fraser’s family got hurt during the war troubles they are suffering far more now being related to Willie of orange-oh-the walk-a-way shame-

    How many loyalists will be embarrassed of our streets tonight- more than a few you know-

  • sherdy

    Willie go or Willie not
    Wilie’s in a real tight spot

    Has wee Willie forgotten that the road to Dublin is the road to Rome? Another sell-out on the cards.

  • Comrade Stalin

    It’s a bit weird, to be praising the constructive Garda and criticizing the nasty PSNI up north. Perhaps Willie favours reunification.

  • derrydave

    That’s probably the first time I’ve heard a Sinn Fein representative on Irish radio being interviewed in relation to events in NI where they’ve not been attacked agressively at some point !! Cheers Willie – much appreciated ! Thought Mary-Lou came across excellently – not difficult mind you when ye come on after mad-Willie 🙂

  • Pint of plain, [5.23]Poor willie. Not even a march through Clontibret after all that grandstanding. He probably decided he couldn’t afford a repeat of Peter’s experience over that fit of the head staggers back in the 80s, what with having to give back thousands of pounds to brussels which wasn’t legit as his former leadership of UNFAIR got him into a legal quagmire.

  • grandimarkey


    Is anyone else getting this new Facebook-Reccommended thing on their browser? It’s awful, I can’t use Slugger on my Mobile-Phone Browser at all because of it #firstworldproblem

  • Sp12

    Wullie on The Last Word this evening
    Listen Back > The Last Word > Wednesday > Part 2 > 12:00 or so in.

  • babyface finlayson

    me too. I just mentioned it on another thread, also off topic.
    But it is very annoying.
    Pretty sure I haven’t been on anything dodgy.
    Is it a slugger thing?

  • Sp12

    Have you tried installing Chrome and Ad-Block+
    If not?
    Why not? 😉

  • grandimarkey


    I think it is a new Slugger Add-On. It’s pretty annoying for people with iPhones or tablets, it slows the site right down or makes it not work at all. My bus journeys will be much more boring if this isn’t resolved….

  • babyface finlayson

    Usually I’m to lazy to try things but I might.
    It has just appeared today I think, and I instantly hate it.
    I hate change.

  • Banjaxed

    Off Topic Topic!

    Yeah, Adblock works (I use the Firefox browser).
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    Result happiness!
    God, it really WAS annoying!!

  • BarneyT

    MalcolmX – why do you think the protest was never going to go ahead in the first place? I would have said it was a cert…..interesting to get your take on this



    I sensed that the appetite for this was solely from Willie Frazier and the rest of the EDL, sorry UPF couldn’t care less about going south to raise the issue there for a variety of reasons. Willie it seems sees this as an extension of his FAIR work and seeing that he could get plenty of publicity for himself by suggesting about going to Dublin, he never really had to go through with it, plus the prospect of a very hostile Garda and various southern dissident groups probably made him think twice.

    The free state government have agreed to meet him to ensure that it definitely doesn’t go ahead as they don’t want any crap on their doorstep.

  • BarneyT Bit of a coincidence that willie was recently obliged to remove himself from his ‘leadership’ in his UNFAIR group over the illegal use of EU funds which now have to be returned, which sadly/comically for the rest of us, means he has more spare time to make an exhibition of himself adding to the merriment of the nation.

  • BarneyT

    Is Willie just a lost soul, damaged by the violent lost of his father and several relatives, or does he exhibit traits that perhaps renders him a risk? Is there something about him that might make us ask in the future, “why did we not see this coming?”

  • toaster

    Pity Willie decided against it in the end. I was really hoping he was going to show up his “fellow Ulsterman”.

  • Dixie Elliott

    It seems that Willie and his Fusiliers of The Fleg are planning an SAS style assault on Dublin tomorrow according to those keeping an eye on his facebook page.

    Also reports from lorry drivers heading North claim that several figures dressed in black with darkened faces were spotted zig zagging across the Boyne River Bridge about an hour ago.

    Gardai are advising people along the route into Dublin to pretend they didn’t see anything and not to be contacting them if they come across these people, they are not, say Gardai, dangerous but merely dangerously deluded.

    The belief is that they will become disoriented after 24 hours without red white and blue painted kerbstones and Gardai are planning to lure them back northwards by placing union flags on a borrowed Ulsterbus.

  • Submariner
  • Barnshee

    Keep it up Wullie The reaction from the usual suspects says it all –They HATE being reminded of their actions and their roots

    Another few hunder “Wullies” and Dublin will build an “Israeli style wall to keep them outl

  • seamusot

    Jaziz, and after all the feckin’ ham and egg sangers I made for wee Wullie and the boys. I poured the 10 flasks of barley and tripe soup with bits of Jaffa oranges down the loo and choked it. All because of the Butcher’s Apron.


  • galloglaigh


    Wee Willie has his own roots too. He also hates being reminded of them.

    Bertie and his brothers were no innocent victims…

  • southernrhodesia

    As to citizens of the “Republic of Ireland”.
    Check their passports….they are citizens of “Ireland”.
    Things have moved on.