How was #London2012 for you: Scotland, Ireland, England and GB?

For those of you intrigued by the digital lunch format, but not really that grabbed by the subject matter, here is something that might interest you… Tomorrow morning myself and the Scottish thinker cum singer, Pat Kane (he of Hue and Cry) will be talking about the London Olympics and what they mean for all of us, Irish, Scottish, English, and British.

Starts at 10pm… If you can make it, give us your comments, questions and extended thoughts below?

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  • Judging by the reaction of SOME unionist contributers to Talkback today and other outlets, It’s like the husband who beats his wife because of his insecurities and control freakery. He can’t stand the media in his ‘wee country’ giving any comfort to ‘the enemy’ and wants them shut off from any source of comfort. This is where a lot of unionists are now, They resent any acknowledgement of ‘themmuns’ so they ring up Nolan or TB to vent their hatred of anything thast gives comfort to themmuns. The olympics has been a great help to exposing their bigotry.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Awsome for GBNI thanks Mick. A record 25 goldies with 27-30 a realistic target. Slightly disappointed that the Chambers lads didn’t sneak gold but overall a tremendous spectacle and well worth spending the odd billion on. Not sure what my highlight was:
    – Six pack Ennis winning gold
    – holy MOly Farrah’s last lap in the 10k
    – The real McCoy, Chris Hoy breaking all kind of records
    – Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins winning the time trial
    – Ainsely becoming the most decorated sailor
    – and of course the emotional scenes of Alan Campbell get helped up by Steve Redgrave

    Certainly, Sports Personality of the year is going to be fun!

  • Mick Fealty

    Great, glad to get something going here… we’re kicking off at 10… if anyone wants to join in (we only have three in there at the moment, so in theory there should be lots of room)… circle and message me at and I will do my best to guide you in…

    Otherwise any good web resources you’ve had as well as question for Pat and myself to field would be great…

  • Mick Fealty

    Just to note, the interview (as it turned out to be) is over and now available as a YouTube video… One highlight was the intervention from my three year old…

  • Maeve Kyle in Melbourne in 1956, Mick; she was the first woman to represent Ireland in the Olympics.