A new take on pride and prejudice…

SO fair play to Lord Mayor of Belfast Gavin Robinson for being the first from the DUP to take a seat on the panel of Belfast Pride Talks Back debate. I’m sure he doesn’t feel any less straight the morning after the night before, and the move certainly upstaged the rest of the panel. Whether it actually means anything in terms of their policies remains to be seen. As a mayor for everyone, will Gavin be at the Gay Pride parade, which many in the DUP detest, for example?

Interestingly, host Will Crawley mentioned on Facebook that Alliance is “likely to announce, in September, that marriage equality is now their party policy (according to Anna Lo)”. Despite its liberal credentials, many senior members of the party are devout Christians, and Alliance – which also includes some equally committed gay rights activists – could struggle with this.

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  • raftonpounder

    I attended the event last night and I found nothing new or enlightening in what the Lord Mayor said.
    In my interpretation he refused to distance himself or disavow extremely offensive homophobic comments relating to paedophilia /bestiality preferred to espouse about importance of free speech instead.

    Is it better than someone comes and sits down with and tells you they think you are wrong rather than to just ignore you?

    I think it was cynically orchestrated move from the DUP. They evaluated the flak they would get for the first citizen not attending versus the trouble they may receive from the religious elements within their own party and decided they could live with the latter. This particular religious voting block dont really have anywhere else to go politically, so it made sense.

    I thought the more interesting element of the night was when Martina Anderson said SF supported the LGBT community’s goals in education and health. The Rainbow Project & others seemed to disagree strongly with her as to whether anything had been achieved. This was in relation to anti-homophobic bullying strategy and sexual orientation education in schools despite a supposedly supportive party holding this portfolio since 1999.

    On the Anna Lo point it sounded like she was going to tell David Ford that he agreed with marriage equality.

  • Mister_Joe

    It would be churlish not to see this as another tiny bit of progress.

    Great banner headline, Gonzo.

  • babyface finlayson

    I tend to agree.
    Like a dog playing chess, it is not how well it does, but the fact it is doing it at all that is of interest.

  • Lionel Hutz

    It’s probably more a reflection on Gavin Robinson than the DUP though. I couldn’t see him snub an invitation

  • raftonpounder

    I dont think it’s churlish to suggest the Lord Mayor should unequivocally distance himself from these hateful, antiquated ideas.

    I don’t want my elected representatives to act in this manner and I would demand better from them.

    This level of prejudice should not be tolerated and to applaud them for not being quite so hateful is not something I am willing to do.

  • salgado

    Any comment on the SDLP? Gay marriage may or may not be party policy, and Conall McDevitt seems to have got into a spot of bother.


  • Framer

    No comment. It is party and BBC policy not to mention this.

    The SDLP has always voted against gay law reform at Westminster while maintaining an impeccable record of policy in favour.