Slugger’s Digital lunch (2), on the eve of the London Olympics…

So at 1pm (BST) we’ll be ‘broadcasting live’ via YouTube (and here) our second Slugger’s Digital Lunch…  Last week, we had Lee Reynolds of the DUP (you can pick up the YouTube here).  I hope we will have even more voices this week.

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To participate, you must be on Google Plus. That may take a little of time and working out, but if you already use Skype you’ll have most of the hardware you need to make Google Plus work for you.

All you need to do then is to register with Google (or use your existing Gmail or YouTube account), and then download the software to make the Hangout service work. I’ll post the correct URL for joining us as well as the YouTube feed here.

You can follow the live feed from Slugger or in the feed at my YouTube page on most mobile devices, but you’ll really need to be working from a pc or laptop if you want to participate in this lunchtime discussion.

If you are ‘just watching’, I’d advise posting your comments/questions directly to the live comments feed at YouTube (which will appear once we’re live), since I think we can set it up to read those inside the Hangout.

Oh, and if you do come along don’t forget to bring your lunch. I won’t have anyone suggesting that Slugger made them forgo their comestibles over lunch.

In the meantime, let rip about what you think we ought to be talking about before we go live at 1pm BST…

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  • Mick Fealty

    I would add to that you can be a forthright in your criticism as you like afterwards… we’re only going to learn to drive this well if we learn from our mistakes…

    But punt all internal tech queries to my G+ page:

  • Ruarai

    On the subject of the Olympics and the opening ceremony, let me predict this:

    Despite the talk and the leaked previews of the sheep in a meadow 1950s England routine…

    Does anyone believe that Danny Boyle of Trainspotting – “dirtiest toilet in Scotland” – is about to (simply) oversee a few sheep roaming a meadow?

    Perhaps he won’t go the whole Irvine Welsh – but Darling Buds of May? …not a chance.

    Good luck London.

  • Mick Fealty

    I’ve heard he’s very good from someone who was at the rehearsal…

    Any way, since no one seems to be talking about the digital lunch, let me give you the short version of the long version:

    pretty digital and non poltiical… with Mike Downes explaining why #HOA is a platform of its own… Davy Sims tackling it from an ex BBC perspective… Gabriel Beecham expressing scepticism about Plus…

    Useful links which got a mention:

    – Mike’s take away from a recent hangout production with +Sarah Hill –

    – Davy’s important point that any social media relies on confidence firstand foremost… Everything you do, is performance to one degree or another –

    – And own take on why G+ is about power tools first and only social after –

    Note: Next week I am away from Slugger Central and in Belfast…

    So I am looking for a host with good wifi, a quiet room and who can provide us with some good company for the lunch…

    I don’t mind bringing my own lunch (though I rarely refuse a free one) but some decent coffee is a given… You’ll get a fast track into the world of G+ and Hangouts…

    Ping me an email at if you would like to ‘host’ the next Slugger Digital Lunch?

  • Mick

    Just came across this thread, it looks like an interesting app but what would you do with it, conference calls, seminars, or can it go out to a broader audience, as to Mike he seems to have disappeared.

    If you are having another one of these conference calls or whatever they are called, drop me an email as if im not busy I would like to join and and ask some questions.