#Euro2020: Philosophy Fooball Solidarnosc Ireland tee shirts…

Another offering from our old mates at Philosphy Football (who previously brought you this, oh yes, and this little controversial number).

So if you are dedicated FAI or bust supporter, or an any green will do man/woman/boy/child… Whether you are on your way to Poland where they’ve got to go down a storm with the locals or your are staying at home with lots of tinies, be my guest!! Way cheaper than replica…

Declaration: I’ve not been promised a free shirt for writing this blog, but I will be petitioning hard for one to add to my pleasing collection (well, we all have our price). You can order them here.

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  • £30 for a bog standard crew-neck tee? Not great value when compared with the O’Neills range starting at half the price.

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s offering it to me at 22.99… Maybe there’s a surcharge for grumpy young men?

  • Apologies, I must’ve read that wrong. Not bad I suppose. Still prefer the O’Neill’s go green country jerseys. Let’s face it though, you’re not going to get away wearing one of those around Belfast of a Saturday evening without chancing a slap on the jaw never mind trying to get over the door of a bar.

  • Solidarnosc

    Not far off anagram heaven, have fun lads.

  • grandimarkey

    I’m going to Poland. I’ve already bought a large Polish-Flag decked T-Shirt for well-wishing purposes.

    However I’d be wary of wearing anything at all political in a country like Poland, just in case. It is a cool T-Shirt though, do you reckon the Poles will approve? Last thing I want is some 6 foot, anti-Solidarność skin head to catch my eye…

  • Mick Fealty

    Any Polish readers care to advise?

  • lamhdearg2

    Do they do an “anyone but R.O.Ireland” tshirt, if not I will just where my England one.
    grandimarkey if you catch the eye of one of their fighters, it wont matter what you are wearing, i have seen them beat their own fans, just for talking to the opposition, best just to keep a low profile, goodluck.

  • Mick Fealty

    Thrrrs loads… Philosopher section is old but with some perfectly formed aphorisms… I’ve ordered a Noisey Neighbour one… Gordon (BBC) Mitchell (UTV), youve gotta have one!!

  • grandimarkey,

    I was in Chorzow with NI a couple of years ago and despite promises of WW3 by the likes of Ciaran Barnes, I felt safer than I have done at several IL grounds. That was however due to an enormous police and security presence keeping some very big Polish nutters firmly behind their own fence.

    All the main Polish clubs have massive hooligan followings, get in and get out as quickly and as quietly as possible and don’t worry too much about what the fashion police think about your tshirt.The normal banter you can have with the locals is hard to find because their own normal fans are shit-scared of their own hoolies.

  • grandimarkey

    I’m aware of the Polish Ultras but thankfully all of Poland’s group games are well away from Gdansk or Poznan so I doubt I’ll encounter them en mass. Still though, me and my friends will be sticking with the large groups of Green floating around the two cities.

    It should be an interesting few days!

  • Greenflag

    Lewandowski or Zorc printed on any tee shirt would ensure physical safety for those ‘terrified ‘ of Polish skinheads . Lewandowski & Zorc both Polish internationals played a blinder in Borussia Dortmund’s hammering of Bayern Munchen 5-2 in the German champions cup.Lewandowski scoring a hatrick .Be not surprised if Dortmund’s other star player Shinji Kagawa is playing for Manchester Utd in the near future .

    Poland might surprise the Italians and French and Dutch and give the Germans a scare this time .England alas will do as England always does since 1966 talk the talk .
    As for Ireland -the first mountain has to be Croatia after that it’ll be like skiing unless that Croagh Patrick climb with Enda Kenny that Trappatoni indulged in connected with the football Gods 😉

    Better to have taken a leaf out of the Welsh Rugby teams punishing boot camp preparation somewhere in the Polish outback methinks but then our soccer players must have the best eh ? At least to be blunt we’re turning up which is not what the other minor leagues in these islands can say .

    For those heading east some helpful phrases

    Jak sie masz = How do you do (pronounced) yakshemash

    Tack means Yes and Ney means no

    and most useful for those of the dry throat brigade

    Chce mi sie pic = I’m thirsty ( approx pronunciation) cheh mi shae pitch


    And ye thought Irish was difficult ? Ukrainian is another story .

  • lover not a fighter

    I guess that the Polish/Ukranian police have been given Carte Blanche to deal with their football Ultras and therefore I would be very surprised if their is anything but a warm welcome for visiting fans.

    Its surprising what Police and goverments can do when the will is there. e.g. Look at the night the riots ended in Britain. The Police were let off the leash and the riots ended. The rioters knew that the leash was off and laid low.

  • I reckon the association with Solidarnosc is going to be the least of your worries. If you look like a football supporter in the wrong place at the wrong time, all the usual rules apply.

    The question of ‘will they make a fine judgement about solidarnosc before kicking seven bells out of me for being Irish’ reminds me of that incident in ‘Decline and Fall’ by Evelyn Waugh:

    “Out of the night Lumsden of Strathdrummond swayed across his path like a druidical rocking stone. Paul tried to pass.

    Now it so happened that the tie of Paul’s old school bore a marked resemblance to the pale blue and white of the Bollinger Club. The difference of a quarter of an inch in the width of the stripes was not one that Lumsden of Strathdrummond was likely to appreciate.

    “Here’s an awful man wearing the Boller tie,” said the Laird. It is not for nothing that since pre-Christian times his family has exercised cheiftainship over uncharted miles of barren moorland.”

    Paul Pennyfeather was relieved of his clothes at this point, and as a consequence, his life descended into a vortex of paedophilia, imprisonment and murder. It’s very funny ….

    Wear the shirt over there though – you’ll be fine!

  • DT123

    As the FAI now purport to represent the whole island of “Ireland”,is the Tri Colour not out of place on the t shirt?

  • Mick Fealty

    ‘Purport’ being the operative verb, I don’t think so..