The Irish #cwc2011 gloating begins

I’m trying to work out whether Geoff Boycott’s use of the word “leprechauns” constitutes some kind of racist slur or whether it’s the self-adopted nickname of the mighty Irish cricket team following their historic victory over England in the #cwc2011 Cricket World Cup. Perhaps one follows the other?

In the meantime, Philosophy Football (who diversified into Cricket for The Ashes) have a t-shirt already for the burgeoning market of Irish cricket aficionados. They’re offering £5 off for orders placed in the first 48 hours.

Ireland needs all the good news it can get at the moment and I’m wondering if the combination of new found Cricketing superiority and financial austerity will result in a spike in the sales of Howzat kits – surely one of the cheapest entertainment-for-all-the-family options?

Update: Philosophy Football are sending Mick a free shirt for having a well-read blog that mentions their t-shirt, and they’re sending Pete one for having the foresight to liveblog a fixture that – to be honest – was probably only promising in hindsight.