Mapping stereotypes: “you should be able to find something here to offend you.”

Here’s something to distract and amuse [and offend? – Ed]  Possibly…  The Guardian’s Tim Dowling points to graphic artist Yanko Tsvetkov’s satirical Mapping Stereotypes project – the Ultimate Bigot’s Calendars of Europe, and the World.  As Tim Dowling says

No matter where you’re from, you should be able to find something here to offend you.

[Is it “Safe For Work”? – Ed]  Probably…  If you’re working from home.  ANYhoo… I was particularly offended amused by “Europe According to the Greeks”, “According to the Vatican”, and the Guardian-commissioned “Crystal Ball View of Europe in 2022” –  complete with “Kilt Republic”, “Passive Aggressive Kingdom” and, erm, “Taiwan”.  Enjoy!

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  • galloglaigh
  • Mac

    I’d be more offended by someone trying charge good money for what teenagers on 4chan produced about a decade a go, simply by labelling it as ‘satire’ and reproducing it on glossy paper.

  • wild turkey


    thanks for that. i’m told on on tv back home it is run under the title

    Foreign Policy: The Tea Party Analysis

    Pete, i may be mistaken but seriously, if sadly perhaps, i suggest any of these maps is NOT used as a screen saver or wallpaper in a UK workplace computer as potentially it could be viewed as harassment based on race/nationality.

  • wee buns

    L’Europa Burlosconiana – floating between ‘Fish’ and ‘The Queen’ is…..’Druid Pussy’ ?! Cheap but original. But mostly not.

    I like the way that Irishman Abroad uses the term ‘Sir’.