Londonderry’s bid for All-Ireland Fleadh in 2013 to go ahead

At the second tiime of asking, Londonderry branch delegates of Comhaltas have agreed to bid to host the All-Ireland Fleadh during the UK City of Culture year by 13 votes to 1.  As the BBC report notes

Some Comhaltas members, who initially opposed the move because of the UK link in Derry’s City of Culture 2013 title, did not attend.

[Lost in traffic? – Ed]  Possibly…  Meanwhile, Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson has launched her campaign “to neutralise the U.K. prefix…”  From the Derry Journal report

Sinn Féin Junior Minister, Martina Anderson, welcomed the outcome of the meeting.

“I hope that the bid now successfully proceeds through the remaining stages of the ratification procedures and we can look forward to staging what will be a spectacular display of Irish culture in our City in 2013,” she says.

[That would be the Northern Ireland Executive Junior Minister? – Ed]  Indeed.  The clue, after all, is in the name.