“The clue is in the name.”

More symptoms of political psychosis in the UK City of Culture 2013.  As reported in the Londonderry Sentinel

A new call for the change to the title was made at the Cultural Partnership Forum meeting on October 5, when Donncha MacNiallais, a spokesman with the Bogside Residents Group, raised his concerns, saying the use of the title ‘UK’ on branding would cause problems. He went on to propose that ‘City of Culture Derry-Doire-Londonderry 2013’ be the main branding for the event, claiming this would help maximise opportunities.
Arts and culture officer with the Council, Brendan McMenamin, who was in attendance at the group’s meeting, said the branding of the logo and name had been presented to the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) adding that the Department had their own branding which they may wish to use.
Asked what the DCMS policy was with regard to the UK City of Culture title, the spokesperson responded: “There is no possibility that the UK City of Culture title will change.”
She added: “We will soon be formalising the arrangements for the use of the title, UK City of Culture, and branding through a licence agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with Derry/Londonderry.”

Meanwhile the delusion continues…

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  • drumlins rock


  • Jay

    DR you have hit the nail on the head.

  • Alias

    The reality is that, Her Majesty has named her city Londonderry and the non-sovereign nation in her sovereign territory doesn’t have the sovereignty to alter that The Sovereign decides. But at least the muppets have the sovereignty to turn their own non-sovereign status into a virtue of sorts by playing around with the name on letterheads and such. And as long as Her Majestys government continues to fund the stationary, committees and quangoes…

  • William of Orange

    Just another tick on the republican agenda. These two ass—-s need to be reminded that Londonderry is part of the United Kingdom wether they like it or not and if they don’t then f–k off to the republic where you belong and we’ll see how far you get there.

  • Alan Maskey

    If the people of Derry disagree with the approach, why not wreck the party? Do the dissidents have cultural departments?

  • pippakin

    ‘City of Culture Derry-Doire-Londonderry 2013′

    Yep, confirmation if any were needed that you cannot trust some members of residents associations to tie their own shoe laces. As for coming up with a catchy, friendly, welcoming title for Derry during the city of culture year…oh dear…

  • Ulick

    He may be a “twit”, but when he says:

    “this would help maximise opportunities.” he is spot on.

    The vast majority of income generated from the events will come from the pockets of people living on this island e.g. if they can land Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann in 2013. In order to get an event like that the Derry group responsible will have to convince Comhaltas that the city is worthy of hosting it, amid keen competition from all parts of the country. Having the ‘UK’ stamped all over such a definitive Irish cultural event would have many recoil.

    So either you want a successful cultural year with a wide range of events in which all are warmly welcomed (‘City of Culture Derry-Doire-Londonderry 2013′) or you want an insular festival which seeks to exclude and aggravate the majority of paying customers (‘UK City of Culture’).

    Baker might like to call it “political psychosis” and indeed many unionists would be only too glad to see it fail or hope it’ll be reminiscent of when they got to chuck pennies into the Bogside from the Walls. However in the modern world, MacNiallais is making perfectly practical business sense. Though it wouldn’t be the first time unionists would cut their noses off for a short term spite at their collective faces, so I expect Campbell and co to row in behind the ‘UK’ brand.

  • William of Orange

    Alan, you really must remember it is Londonderry, always has been and always will be. Horray!!!!!!!

  • So who or what applied for the UK City of Culture 2013?

  • joeCanuck

    psychosis – a clear case of schizoprenia.

  • the blow – in

    Ulick, your point about the Fleadh Cheoil is absolute rubbish. People will attend the Fleadh wherever it is on – even in Finchley! And Comhaltas aren’t the neanderthal knuckle draggers you try to paint them as, it won’t matter a whit when the decision is being made whether UK is in the title or not, But, being the UK city of culture however may well attract people from England, Scotland, and Wales who would otherwise either not come to Ireland or spend their holidays (and their all important holiday money) in the south west or west coast.

  • Stephen Ferguson

    Can McGuinness not reign these bigots in??

  • White Horse

    A clear case of a man “enriched” by superficial symbolism and a hollow failed ideology that has left him nervous at the very sight of any hint of accomodation of his former enemies’ superficial symbols nor any desire to reach out to another community.

    He is clearly following a hollow agenda made nervous by the very mention of the enemy it fought “to a standstill”, and now attempting to prove that they still rule the republic of Derry now after decision time because, why else, the dissidents are now telling them what to do.

    They need a bit of self respect or the sociopaths will keep holding the gun to their heads.

  • The Third Policeman

    Delusion- ‘fixed, false belief that is not part of the cultural or religious norm.’ i.e, while the guy is obviously a twat, and all this gurning and whinging over a name is pointless, it’s not a delusion, and its certainly not psychosis (and it’s nowhere near schizophrenia). I’d have thought Pete, with his nit-picking and stickling for detail would appreciate that. If you had to ascribe a mental health disease to it (and of course, why the hell not) I would say the repeated failed attempts to change the name represent obsessional thinking and maybe compulsive behaviour (now what slugger blogger does that remind us of?). Why stop at mental health though, let’s give it an organic medical disease, they don’t carry the same stigma though, so the dig doesn’t work as well- hypothyroidism maybe. Slowing intellect, weight gain and constipation. Not lupus though, its never lupus.

  • Alan Maskey

    As regards the Fleadh, I don’t think Derry would be suitable at all. The Fleadh has two components: day time family entertainment/contests and long, booze ridden but generally good hearted nights. These could not be done in a relatively major city where Unionists would be likely to cause trouble. The Creggan and Bogside areas are totally unsuitable. Buncrana might be a good compromise.

  • “symptoms of political psychosis”

    Pete, please show some respect for those who are afflicted by mental illness.

    The city has had a turbulent history; let folks name it how they may.

  • Scath Sheamais

    I wouldn’t call it a psychosis, Mac Niallas is an Irish speaker after all and is involved in Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin in the city. If he feels the Irish language community there is being short-changed with the City of Culture stuff then fair play to him for it – I don’t think going for a triple-barrled name for the city was the best idea, but it’s our there at any rate.

    And of course Doire is the only name used for the place that actually means something.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    ‘These could not be done in a relatively major city where Unionists would be likely to cause trouble.’

    How exactly?

  • Stephen Ferguson

    It’s not Unionists carrying out the almost daily sectarian, racist and homophobic attacks in Londonderry’s city centre.

    Sounds like you’ve never been on a night out in the city before. Londonderry doesn’t do ‘booze ridden but generally good hearted nights’.

    A night on the tiles usually ends up with some innocent passer-by ending up in hospital for looking the wrong way at one of the Bogside Young Unwashed.

    But sure that’s their ‘culture’……..

  • Pete Baker

    You didn’t follow that particular delusional link in the original post, did you TP?

    “all this gurning and whinging over a name is pointless”

    It’s also not what the original post, and linked article, is about.

    And, as I’ve pointed out before, here’s a better definition of the condition

    Psychosis is a condition that affects a person’s mind and causes changes to the way that they think, feel and behave. A person who experiences psychosis may be unable to distinguish between reality and their imagination.

    People who are experiencing psychosis are sometimes referred to as psychotic. They may have:

    •hallucinations – where you see or hear things that are not there
    •delusions – where you believe things that are untrue

  • Alan Maskey

    Stephen: You make my point for me. Derry is totally unsuitable for a Fleadh.
    Gerry: When Derry won the all Ireland, no mean feat, they got a hard time of it back home. Do you think Unonists would welcome tens of thousands of Southerners aqnd overseas Irish mosic lovers without causing riots? I am sure Orange and Black Perceptory marches would still be going on. Will they be cancelled incidentally for the year?

    The nationialist majority of Doire Chearca are entitled to make their views known.

  • drumlins rock

    yup, oakwood, how exciting in a country that used to be covered in them, dont see many trees there now, hundreds of Derrys in the country, although most at least mange to stick something more meaningful on the front or back.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    I’m surprised Derry is being considered for the A-I fleadh -, it would get lost in a city. It needs to take over the place to work. Sligo is the biggest town I’ve seen host it.

  • The Third Policeman

    Except its not a better definition Pete, its a layman’s definition. If psychiatrists used that particualr definition they’d diagnose a delusional state in everyone who believed in God, or luck, or karma, or ghosts, or the markets. Unless we’re talking about the largest case of folie à plusieurs imaginable I don’t think we can stretch the Republican shunning of Londonderry/ use of violence to a psychotic state.

    Anyways, with the long journeys our politicans have taken, and the selective memory loss some of them suffer from, would a diagnosis of dissociative fugue be out of line?


  • Pete Baker

    I’m not giving a clinical diagnosis.

  • Cushy Glenn

    … which they did, by backing the bid. Or was that just a fake to slosh around in pots of UK money for twelve months ?
    oh, sorry….

  • joeCanuck


    Do you have to work hard at extreme trolling or does it just come naturally to you?

  • Alias

    I think they’re Photoshop nationalists. That’s akin to Photoshop beauty wherein ugly guys and dolls online can alter ‘reality’ by sending pics of each other to eah other that represent what they wish was in (or not in) their unaltered pics. Got an unsigthty double chin, guys? Don’t bother with the threadmill wherein you actually have to put in some real-world effort to lose your unappealing flab – just get a copy of Photoshop and you can knock 30lbs off your weight and 20 years off your age. The same deal with politics: just change the appearance of reality rather than bother with the real-world effort of altering the constitutional reality itself.

  • Alan Maskey

    Have you a point to make? Have you spotted a flaw in what I said?

  • Alan Maskey

    Listoweel is the old reliable. Kilkenny had a good one. You need lots of b&bs and no hassle. Derry dfoes not cut it. Crossmaglen would be good if they had the accommodation.

    Somewhere like Castlewellan or Castlederg might also work at a push.

  • Bungditin

    Ok then hows about Londondoire?

  • Perhaps they should take advantage of the Celtic roots of both London and Dublin – and dance to history’s tune.

  • White Horse


    If I could lose 30lbs and twenty years I wouldn’t mind what reality you refer to.

    But the constitutional reality reflects a lack of warmth in relations between the divided communities. The dissident position of attempting to forcibly engender greenness is as hollow as that above and merely depends on a superstition that only the green are weakening when clear the orange feel similar shudders. Onwards with peace.

  • another

    Just give the lad some vitamin B12.

  • Ulick

    “People will attend the Fleadh wherever it is on – even in Finchley”

    Indeed but it’s by no means certain that Derry would even get the Fleadh. There are many in Comhaltas of the opinion that the only place in the north which should even be in the running is Warrenpoint. They are the ones who have put in the necessary legwork over the past ten years in order to accommodate an event on the scale of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. Derry has never been in the running and many will already resent these johnny-come-latelies thinking they’ve been gifted the event without doing the work. Now I’m not trying to make Comhaltas out to be filled with neanderthals, I’ve worked with them myself for many years, but if it comes down to a tight vote next year, the place branded as a “UK city of culture” is not going to be doing itself any favours.

    Seems to me MacNiallais has put forward a netural proposal which can keep everyone happy so one can only presume ulterior motives for those who wish to stamp the brand of one side on what should be a cross-cultural, coss-community event.

  • Ulick

    “Somewhere like Castlewellan or Castlederg might also work at a push.”

    Neither would come close, nor Crossmaglen for that matter. Castlewellan just about had capacity for the Ulster Fleadh this year and when you think the all-Ireland is at least 500 times bigger, there is no way in Hell towns like those you mention could cope.

    As for best venues, I’ve been attending them over 35 years and the best organised and hosted I’ve ever experienced was Cavan this year – they took it to another level completely. Kilkenny did a good one in the late 80’s but the first two of the three in Sligo 3 in a row topped it as did Clonmel in the 90’s.

  • joeCanuck

    How many people would attend? I’m inclined to agree that it might get lost in a large city.

  • Ulick

    You’d be talking 200k-300k visitors over the course of the main 3 day weekend and enough accomodation for about 15k. Derry might work if it was restricted to inside the city walls.

  • Blair

    “Seems to me MacNiallais has put forward a netural proposal which can keep everyone happy”

    Ha ha ha ha ha. Nice one.

  • Ulick

    Apologies, I meant everyone except those who would wish to stamp their own particular tribal brand on the city.

  • joeCanuck

    That’s an incredible number! 5% of the population. I’ve only ever been to a small one; even was a door collector once. Must be wonderful for the town that gets to hold it.

  • Blair


    It seems to me that Donkus is upset because his tribal brand is not getting enough recognition. Is that because he insists on stamping it all over everything by any chance do you think?

  • John Greene

    ‘Having the ‘UK’ stamped all over such a definitive Irish cultural event would have many recoil’

    You reckon? No body in the South would give a monkeys. No tourists from GB or further afield. No Unionists and a significant number indeed probably the majority of nationalists in the North wont ‘recoil’

    So in fact only kill joy sado die hard Republican nut jobs would recoil.

    Guess what – we can get by without them

  • Pete Baker

    There seems to be a bit of confusion in the comments to date about what’s being contested by some in the linked article.

    I know, not for the first time…

    For clarity.

    It’s not the name of the city.

    It’s the UK bit of the title “UK City of Culture 2013”.

  • Alias

    Buy a treadmill or a dog and you’ll lose the lbs. You can’t do anything about years, alas, but if you were wise enough to marry a woman 10 years younger than you then that shouldn’t matter…

    Ireland’s economic collapse is the final nail in the unity coffin so I’m moving to the view that only an insignificant minority in NI would actually vote for it. Hence, it’s fast becoming old news, and not even worth debating any more.

  • Ulick

    Along with the Shannon waterway and the Munster hurling final, IMO it’s one of Irelands cultural gems.

  • It’s the UK bit of the title “UK City of Culture 2013″.

    Pete, your hyperlink in the first line ‘excludes’ UK …..

    The official website contact address leaves out UK and Londonderry.

  • [aside] I didn’t know that the city council had put in an application for the city to be considered for World Heritage nomination via DCMS [pdf file].

  • sdelaneys

    to wit two woos, ah ho.

  • sdelaneys

    Judging by Mz Price on Nolan this morning her answer would be something like ‘I didn’t get where I am today by having a cultural dept and will only talk about sovereignty’.

  • Pete Baker

    Look at the wood, Nevin, not some of the trees.

  • sdelaneys

    “Derry-Doire-Londondery”, sort of reminds me of the type of phrases apprentice Lambeg drummers learn to remember their beat. ‘Biddy Muldoon, Biddy Muldoon, Biddy muldoon Lambeg’ and now ‘Derry-Doire-Londondery.’
    I think it would work. With your one pound ten with your one pound ten I’ll give you thirty shillings for your one pound ten’ A good old pre decimalisation one, that.

    I think I’ll put the bottle away now.

  • sdelaneys

    ‘Reign them in’ sounds a bit queenly for Martin but I suppose rein them in could have strange connotations too.

  • I’ll continue to look at both, Pete 🙂

  • pippakin

    Its one Euro and fifty cents (ish) and I think you will feel better in the morning, though maybe not as musical…

  • Pete Baker

    Like this irrelevance

    “your hyperlink in the first line ‘excludes’ UK …..”

  • Ulick

    Maybe if you just got to the point instead of providing numerous links that most of us don’t have the time or inclination to follow you wouldn’t get so annoyed when we don’t get your “detail”.

  • So you don’t do irony, Pete.

  • Drumlins Rock

    sure go the whole hog, Lhan-dhun-doire.

  • joeCanuck

    All a bit silly. They should use the title that they applied under:
    Derry ~ Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013.

    Anything less would be dishonest.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Reality check for people in Derry: you’re still in the UK. Not sure if you missed that aspect of the arrangements we all agreed to.