“The clue is in the name.”

More symptoms of political psychosis in the UK City of Culture 2013.  As reported in the Londonderry Sentinel

A new call for the change to the title was made at the Cultural Partnership Forum meeting on October 5, when Donncha MacNiallais, a spokesman with the Bogside Residents Group, raised his concerns, saying the use of the title ‘UK’ on branding would cause problems. He went on to propose that ‘City of Culture Derry-Doire-Londonderry 2013’ be the main branding for the event, claiming this would help maximise opportunities.
Arts and culture officer with the Council, Brendan McMenamin, who was in attendance at the group’s meeting, said the branding of the logo and name had been presented to the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) adding that the Department had their own branding which they may wish to use.
Asked what the DCMS policy was with regard to the UK City of Culture title, the spokesperson responded: “There is no possibility that the UK City of Culture title will change.”
She added: “We will soon be formalising the arrangements for the use of the title, UK City of Culture, and branding through a licence agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with Derry/Londonderry.”

Meanwhile the delusion continues…